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Sentier Research tracks incomes on a monthly basis and has up-to-the-moment data, unlike the Census Bureau, which has crunched the numbers only up to 2012.
Senior investing reporter Sheyna Steiner is a co-author of "Future Millionaires' Guidebook," an e-book written by Bankrate editors and reporters. Frank's right - it seems as if the median income is adjusted down for inflation while the S&P is not.

According to economist Tyler Cowen's blog, Marginal Revolution, labor force participation is down to the lowest level since 1978.
According to Sentier's data, household income continued to decline after the recession officially ended in 2009. That line moves sharply up and to the right while the line representing median household income resembles a slightly lumpy pancake.

Plus, it's lower than when the firm began tracking monthly changes in median household income in January 2000 -- down 7.2 percent.

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