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Over the past couple of years, art, particularly fine art (paintings basically), has performed better than many other investments, partly because of the amount of money that foreign investors have been putting into the market. Art has in recent years been performing better than many other investments and giving very good returns. Of course the downside is that once the economy begins to recover capital will leave the art market and go back into other financial investments. Looking at art with the intent to invest when you don’t know much about the art market can be very daunting. Don’t rule out contemporary art however, as some of the biggest returns are happening with contemporary pieces. When buying you should probably buy art that you find appealing; after all, it is probably going to spend years on one of your walls.
Once you have decided on what art you would like to invest in you should contact a reputable art dealer who specialises in that kind of art. Investing in art can be an expensive business but it is not totally inaccessible to anyone but the super rich.
Another option to make back some of the money is to rent your piece of art out once you have purchased it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of criminals out there with enough skill to fake works of art by well-known artists. Equally, not all art dealers are everything they seem and buying from private individuals can also be fraught with problems.

Art transaction costs are considerably more pricey than other investments, and commission costs at auction can be high. Arthur Korteweg, a finance professor at Stanford, has warned that the suggestion that you can expect to make a 10% annual return on your investment is the result of a selective use of the data. None of this means that you shouldn’t invest in art but you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls that you may come up against as an art investor.
Analysis of art auction statistics would suggest that you could be getting an annual 10% return. This was true of 2010-2012 as other financial investments were considered risky and the euro was considered unsafe, and so a lot of capital was invested into the art market, giving great returns. But for an investor, if art investment makes up, say, 2-5% of your investment portfolio then you have something of a safety net in times of economic turmoil as capital will once again go back into art.
Sculptures and installation art tend not to receive the big returns that can be witnessed in the selling of fine art paintings. It really can be worth investing in the work of modern up and coming artists who are on the point of becoming better known and appreciated. Lots of artists over the years have produced limited editions which are multiple printed reproductions of genuine work. The art dealer will work on your behalf to help source the art (you only need the one art dealer however, otherwise your dealers will be working against each other and pushing the price up!) Use the Mei Moses Index to analyse the financial returns of the art market. Some institutions, such as banks and hotels, rent pieces of art temporarily so it is worth researching to see if there are any in your area willing to do so.

The key is to research, know the market, be sensible with the risks you are willing to take and to buy a piece of art that you won’t mind hanging on your wall for a few years!
Joint buying is becoming increasingly popular but just be aware that you need to do this with people you trust and make sure you have a legal document drawn up to cover the joint purchase. However for this figure to be accurate it would require that the paintings that are not sold could make a similar return and, according to the professor’s research, they often could not. Very famous artists, like L S Lowry, can achieve very high prices for simple sketches but many other names you may recognise might not. You first choose what piece of art you would like to buy, and then follow these instructions to apply. Genuine art collectors know that receipts and documentation are critical in valuing a work of art. If you go on the internet you can find auction records and sales information about well-known artists. For this reason art dealers often recommend that you buy a range of art pieces to reduce the severity of any losses. This is one of the reasons renting out your art might be attractive, as it provides capital before you sell the piece.

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