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One of the less well known home heating devices, heat pumps are an excellent space and money saving alternative to gas or oil furnaces, especially in climates with hot summers and relatively mild winters. For areas with widely variable climates, though, there are heat pumps that function both as an air conditioner and as a heater, using a simple reversing valve to invert the flow of refrigerant and changing which end of the system is producing heat and cold.
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Device exchanging heat between two environments of different temperatures; it can either heat or cool a house, depending on how the circuit is set. Part of the pump in which, depending on the setting, the outside air is tapped (heating mode) or the indoor air is cooled (cooling mode). Part of the pump that, depending on the setting, either transfers outdoor heat into the house (heating mode) or transfers heat from the indoors to the outdoors (cooling mode).
Instead, it finds heat in the outside air and "pumps" or "moves" it into your home in the winter. A heat pump works by simply moving heat in or out of your home, depending on whether you set your system to heating or cooling. In cold weather, the heat pump extracts heat from the cold air outside and releases it inside the house.

A heat pump not only heats your home during the winter, it also cools it during the summer. Both machines transfer heat using a closed circuit of liquid refrigerant, like Freon, that circulates through a series of coiled tubes that run from the machine outside to an air handler inside that feeds the hot or cold air into your ducts.
Where the refrigerant condenses (1), it releases heat, then passes through an expansion tube (2) which lowers the pressure placed on the refrigerant, causing it to expand and evaporate.
It does not burn fuel to produce heat nor does the electricity it consumes go through an element. They also make an excellent alternative or backup heating source in areas that electricity is prevalent and inexpensive, but natural gas is scarce. In an air conditioner, the compression side is located on the outside of the house, and the evaporative portion inside, so cooled air can be blown through your ducts to cool your home, and the heat is discarded outside. In a heat pump, the system is exactly reversed, harnessing the heat rather than discarding it, and releasing the cold air as the waste byproduct outside. The liquid expands as it moves through the coil, changing to its gaseous state as it absorbs heat from the air surrounding the coil.A blower then pushes air around the cooled coil through ducts and into the house. The gas, now carrying considerable heat, moves through a compressor and begins the liquefying process.

It then moves to a condensor coil outside the house, where the compressed gas releases its heat and returns to a liquid state.During the winter, the heat pump reverses this process, extracting heat from the cold air outside and releasing it inside the house. The heat pump is very efficient when the outside temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but it becomes less efficient as the temperature drops. When the outside air temperature is very low, an auxilery electric heater must be used to supplement the heat pump's output.Like standard electric heating systems, this auxilery unit is more expensive to operate.
Thus, in areas where the winter temperature is below freezing, a heat pump is not practical.
It has few advantages over conventional heating systems in areas where air conditioning is not necessary, but it is very efficient in warm to hot climates.Heat pump maintenance is important. And since maintaining a heat pump is more technical than caring for the average heating system, you should call a professional service person when the pump malfunctions. You can, however, keep the system free of dirt by keeping the filter clean and by removing any other obstacles to the flow of air.Proper outdoor maintenance of a heat pump is also important.

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