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Therefore, development of renewable sources of energy should be the top priority target for green investments. The international renewable energy, as a green industry, has already made huge technological advances, and is continuing to push ahead with the help of private capital as well as various governmental support schemes. Another large sector is of course agriculture whose main greenhouse gases include methane and nitrous oxide. Other interesting green industries to look at are green building, energy efficiency technologies and a newly emerging carbon emissions market.
A huge potential for green investment lies with the forestry industry, especially reforestation projects, as well as the recycling industry. This is a good framework of the areas which should be considered by green investors for moving their capital into. It is the most important area whose success or failure will determine the state of the Earth’s environment in the future. Solar energy obviously has an enormous potential for green investing and is a fantastic target for environmentally conscious investors.
Water heating systems may normally be installed locally for clients’ use while electricity generation requires large areas of land for installation of energy collectors such as special parabolic troughs, dishes and towers. However, as the oil resources are steadily declining, solar energy industry may well start witnessing its real growth much faster than expected. Other challenges include aesthetics (large wind turbines covering beautiful landscapes are not always aesthetically pleasant), impacts on animals (birds may be killed by turbine blades), operational accidents (a turbine may disintegrate or catch fire). This green industry also depends on governmental subsidies and other public support measures. Even though it does not make regular headlines like solar and wind energy, geothermal power is certainly an interesting source of renewable energy for green investors. Geothermal energy appears to be getting popular among the international investment community, especially in view of climbing fossil fuel prices.
While biofuel is considered to be a renewable resource, there are several issues that green investors will need to take into account before making decisions.

However, it is not totally clear whether the reductions of carbon emissions (global warming agents) realized through production and use of biofuels are actually so significant as to achieve real results in the fight against global warming. Second, vast areas of rainforests are cleared for biofuel crop plantations in developing countries. Though dam-generated hydroelectric power is a renewable source of energy, it may have wide-ranging environmental impacts on the geographical areas where dams are built.
It is easy to see why large-scale hydroelectric dams are not suitable opportunities for environmental investments. It is not surprising then that such high demand for organic foods would not only mean higher profits for green investors, but also outstanding benefits for the human health and for the wider environment.
This is certainly an area of interest for green investors as waste water may become a significant source of renewable energy in the future. While this may not immediately sound very hygienic, we know of some municipalities in the US which are already making investments into this sector.
As the water shortages around the world become all too apparent, there is no doubt that this area will be a very important one in the 21 st century. Investments in water desalination and purification technologies as well as water infrastructure companies will be among those in the spotlight for green investors. Construction and operation of industrial, residential and office buildings are major sources of environmental pollution and greenhouse gases.
You will find more and more stocks of manufacturers of green building materials as well as green construction companies in which in you can invest your money.
Another area worth mentioning is advanced battery technology which would offer more efficient ways of storing and using energy from batteries (for example, in electric cars). This industry should be of special interest to green investors as it can indeed provide great technological solutions for big problems. Such projects (for example, planting a forest) are expected to reduce and remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We expect to see many green investing opportunities in this sector presenting themselves in the coming years.

Good investment targets will be the companies which will be under-utilizing their emissions credits and selling them on the market.
Another interesting example is Generation Investment Management, an investment firm co-founded by Al Gore. Like carbon markets, reforestation is an emerging area which has a big potential to attract serious interest from green investors. You will already be able to find interesting investment products related to reforestation projects. Basically, such products offer clients a fantastic opportunity to make long-term investments in sustainable timber, a valuable product on international markets. If you do decide to try your luck here, make sure you invest your money in multi-cultural plantations, and not in mono-cultural ones. Vast areas of pristine rainforests are destroyed every year for different reasons, one being the manufacture of often disposable paper & wood products. For example, packaging, green banking, ecotourism are just another several sectors which can certainly help improve the state of the environment. So if you want to look at a broader set of investment ideas for your capital, you should probably investigate industries & companies analysed within the framework of socially responsibility as well. Let's diverge a little bit from specific areas of green investment and talk about green credentials of other industries.
You can now find several established financial instruments on the market, ex., green stocks, green bonds, green funds as well as some other ones such as green savings accounts, green money market accounts and green certificates of deposit. Green investment can prove to be an efficient tool for bringing about real solutions to current environmental challenges.
This firm invests in green companies which put long-term environmental sustainability at the top of their agenda.

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