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Thoroughbred handicapping software systems for horse racing predictions using speed & pace.
We are offering a 15-day money back guarantee for our Advanced Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound handicapping software.
Of course, one of the most important factors in predicting a winning horse is if they won a race recently.
Simple wasn’t fast, ¬†because it took about 15 minutes a horse to calculate the results. You can try one of our original handicapping systems for Thoroughbreds or Greyhounds for the low low price of $9.95.
QGREYWIN is our quickest and newest greyhound handicapping system that evaluates the most important data and gives you a rating in just seconds. This book will help you design your own Horse Racing Handicapping System, and includes 2 different systems, one using a pocket calculator. Thoroughbred Handicapping the Computer Way softcover book available for $19.95 with free shipping.
Handicapping software inclusing horse racing handicapping to help predict winners, is available from many sources. But the best way to find some of these horse handicapping systems is to search the Internet shareware sites before looking for them at your local computer shows or swap meets, or trying the mail order shareware companies. Now, if you like what you've downloaded, it's your obligation to pay the author the registration fee required if you decide to use the software. And finally, if you spend a lot of time on CompuServe, you can search their shareware forums for horse racing software.

Computer software developed to help pick the winning horses at the race track for thoroughbreds and harness handicapping. If you are dissatisfied with your software purchase, we are happy to offer a refund, or an exchange.
Since I had the detailed flow chart of my step-by-step system, I was ready build the software using those algorithms.
Enter just 5 items from the Greyhound Racing Form including the last position in stretch, the last two finish positions, the last time and today's post position. Originally published in 1995 and updated in 1999, most of the information, including the various handicapping system are viable in 2014.
There are several commercial horse software companies touting their wares with many types of systems available from as low as $50 to up to and over $1000. Since it won't cost you a cent to download any of the software here on the Internet, this is the best starting point. My first search was using WebCrawler for FTP Web sites that might have something on horse racing. Next could be post position, and then the speed rating number, which is listed for each horse on the racing form. It's fast because it only evaluates 5 data items.  Enter the last stretch position, the last two finishes, the last speed rating and the post position for each horse. It's free to try, but if you find a use for it, you're obligated to pay the author for his or her work.
Now includes our Quick Thoroughbred System as a free download after receipt of your purchase (see details above).

I found JQL Horse Form Lite, a horse racing prediction program for Windows from Springsoft Software.
Then I came up with some simple formulas based on my analysis of the data, which I made into a point rating system.  The higher the number the better the horse had a chance to win, place or show. Consider trying a few of the shareware horse handicapping programs available for as low as one dollar a disk. It must be something in my genes because I was there with my grandfather at least one evening every week when the track was open betting on the horses. I look at what the horse is doing today (in the past months), not a year ago, because I believe current data will give an accurate picture of the animal's capability. Sometimes the shareware version is limited, and sending in your registration fee will get you the software with more features.
I claim simple is best, and a short term analysis is more accurate than a long term look at the horse stats. You'll find these software gems at your local computer shows and ham radio swap meets, where several venders will display their lists of shareware disks, and all you have to do is find the ones on horse racing.

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