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To watch the live Super Bowl online video via the FOX Sports Go portal or downloaded app, individuals need only have FOX as part of their current cable or satellite television programming. The FOX Sports Go live streaming is a relatively new service option available from FOX, just rolling out in recent months. Now with FOX onboard with their online video stream of football, this will allow NFL fans to watch their favorite teams play online, regardless of which network will be airing the game.
Pregame coverage of Superbowl XLVIII begins at 2pm with the usual cast of brodcasters from the NFL on FOX. The past Super Bowl live streams have been wildly successful, so it's no surprise that fans will again be able to watch each touchdown online for the third year in a row. Ordinarily, the Fox Sports Go service is accessible only to subscribers of pay-TV providers. The goal is to encourage more cable, satellite and telco TV partners to sign up for the authentication service, said Clark Pierce, senior VP of mobile and advanced platforms for Fox Sports. As for the famous Super Bowl ads, online and mobile viewers will not see exactly the same ads that appear in the TV telecast. In 2012, NBC was the first broadcaster to stream the Super Bowl on the Internet for free, attracting 2.1 million users.
The free preview of Fox Sports Go will carry additional Super Bowl-related programming, including the Fox Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Show and content from Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2.

Launched in October 2013, Fox Sports Go provides live streaming of Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 and select Fox Sports broadcast events and shows. You can use either method, computer or mobile device (tablet or smart phone), to watch the Super Bowl online for free.
Other networks, including NBC and CBS have been faster to jump into the online live streaming video of sports events. Fox Sports, the channel in charge of this year's coverage, will start broadcasting Super Bowl XLVIII (including Bruno Mars' halftime songstravaganza) on its streaming website and iOS app at 6:30PM on February 2nd. That marks the first time the Super Bowl will be televised and streamed in Spanish in the U.S. Originally, Fox Sports had hoped to launch the authenticated video service when it launched the FS1 and FS2 sports networks in mid-August of last year. FOX has decided to give everyone a one day taste of their new authenticated, pay TV offering.
In addition to the big event (and the interesting commercials that go with it), Fox Sports will also stream its NFC coverage starting January 5th. Fox restricted access to the online video streams of the NFC playoff games this year to those partners. So in other words, the NFL & Verizon teamed up with each other to give the finger to the majority of smartphone users, and Fox just joined them to add insult to injury.

According to Variety, only cable TV subscribers of certain providers can access the games, but Fox has yet to confirm that info.
They say on the website it is at "no additional cost," that is aside from your pay TV subscription fees and your premium channel subscription fees for the FOX Sports channels.Same Game, Different AdsIf you were thinking this would be a great way to have the game on your tablet and see the ads, you can't. The ad inventory for the streaming has been sold separately from the TV inventory and so you will see differing ads. Oh wait, it's FOX.Of course, this is nothing new with previous broadcasters NBC and CBS both streaming the game live and free the past few years topping around 3 million viewers last year.
Verizon has a standing $1 billion deal with the NFL for streaming to mobile phones, hence why you can't get the FOX Sports GO version on smartphones, only tablets and PCs. That's a pretty good exclusive deal.Fox Sports Go will be freely available from 12 AM EST Sunday, Feb. This could also be an app that later allows purchasing of key sports events which would be great.

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