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Even though it’s going to anger some fans, Fox Sports desperately needs to get more games on Fox Sports 2 to justify A) more carriage for the channel and B) higher fees for the channel.
The former Fuel TV was a significant part of Fox Sports’ transformational rebranding.
More than a year into the network’s existence, and Fox Sports 2 is still going by its former branding on social media.
That theme of Fox Sports 1 competing with ESPN proved to be irresistible to members of the business press, many of whom drew parallels with Fox News’ 1996 launch that took on an entrenched CNN. But its audience is bigger and better than its predecessor Speed, and Fox Sports executives say that they are encouraged by the viewership trends they’ve seen during the last month as it has started to produce live NASCAR races on the channel for the first time. He pointed to Fox Sports 1’s distribution as a sign of where Fox Sports 1 is delivering more value than Speed. Most encouraging to Fox Sports executives was the channel’s performance the week before the Daytona 500, when it posted its three biggest audiences and saw bigger numbers than the same programming on Speed last year.
Fox Sports 1 made a lot of noise in the run-up to its August launch, celebrating the launch of the country’s newest all-sports channels with parties, press conferences and daily announcements. Since its mid-August launch, Fox Sports executives have produced studio programming with the mandate to be different. Not all of them have found an audience, and Fox executives have not been shy about tinkering with them. Fox executives say they are still committed to the studio shows, even though they haven’t registered with viewers yet. Fox executives expect studio show viewership to increase, as the channel continues to roll out more high-profile live sports events.
Seattle today announced a new partnership with a company that plans to use parts of the city-owned fiber-optic network to provide "ultra-fast" broadband services starting in 2013. In July Seattle abandoned nearly a decade of planning to develop a citywide, municipal broadband service. With the project, Seattle joins Kansas City and Chattanooga as one of the leading cities pursuing new broadband systems, according to Blair Levin, a former top staffer at the FCC and co-author of the national broadband plan who is now involved with the Seattle consortium. Seattle officials decided they couldn't afford to build a city-operated broadband network here, though they later managed to find $200 million to finance a new privately operated basketball arena. When Seattle decided last summer to lease excess capacity on its network, Gigabit was one of ten companies that expressed interest. Gigabit plans to add the wireless antenna systems on top of 38 public-housing facilities and other public buildings in Seattle.
Seattle has around 280,000 housing units so the initial phase may provide fiber to about 0.4 percent of the city. Gigabit Squared could have built the network backbone and extended fiber itself in Seattle.
CondoInternet now offers gigabit-speed service to more than 8,000 housing units in Seattle, according to John Van Oppen, chief executive of parent company Spectrum Networks.
Seattle-based Spectrum responded to the city's last request for broadband proposals but never heard back from the city, Van Oppen said. Comcast provides up to 105 megabits per second downloads to all of its Seattle customers for $200 per month or $105 as part of a service bundle. Businesses and the University of Washington also have access to some of the world's fastest network connections in Seattle. Last week, Washington state was ranked first in the nation for its broadband-enabled tech economy that includes bleeding edge, online businesses in and around Seattle. In November 2011, Seattle and the UW announced that they were working together on ways to share access to city fiber, a partnership that precipitated the demise of Seattle's vision for citywide, municipal broadband.
Six months later Seattle pulled the plug on free public wireless Internet service it had been offering in the University District and Columbia City and began working legislation to divvy up the city's network.
Wave will continue providing cable and broadband services in communities where it has franchises, including parts of Seattle and its suburbs.
The company today said it's creating 180 new jobs in the Puget Sound region, where call centers handle customer support for Comcast customers in the western U.S. The Puget Sound region is benefiting from Comcast's new strategy to align its call centers -- or "care facilities" -- into specialized "Centers of Excellence" that handle specific products and services, the release said. Workers in Fife take calls from Comcast customers ordering new services and those in Lynwood and Everett provide help with products and services.
The news isn't so Comcastic in California, where the realignment is resulting in the loss of about 1,000 jobs at three call centers that are closing.

Their work is being transferred to centers in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, according to a Sacramento Bee story on the Comcast layoffs today. Comcast customers with higher tiers of service have needed digital tuners since Comcast began shifting channels from analog to digital in 2009.
Coincidentally, Comcast is simultaneously seeking to renew its cable franchise in King County. To continue receiving Comcast channels, all customers will need some sort of digital tuner or set-top box. Some TVs and set-top boxes also use a different type of adapter, called a CableCard, that's also available from Comcast.
Channels affected by the latest switch - or "digital upgrade" as Comcast calls it - are 2-30, 72-79 and 95-99. Comcast is doing this to free up bandwidth on its network - digital channels use less bandwidth than analog ones.
To soften the blow a bit, Comcast is saying that Limited Basic customers will also be getting up to 10 additional channels after the switch happens. Comcast is notifying customers by mail and will call customers to remind them, closer to the transition. NBC's Seattle team will also work on local news sites in markets where NBC owns and operates TV stations. The split might have come sooner if the companies weren't busy with larger deals, including Microsoft's attempts to buy Yahoo in 2008 and General Electric's sale of NBC to Comcast in 2009. Comcast - the nation's biggest broadband provider - is announcing a big shift in the way it sells the service. For now most Comcast customers are unlikely to be affected by the change, although data caps and pricing tiers could become more critical as more high-def video is delivered via broadband. Although Comcast tried to characterize the shift as removing caps on service - since customers can pay to get more capacity, instead of face cutoff at 250 gigabytes per month - it's moving away from what's basically unlimited service toward a metered approach. Customers are already used to that kind of pricing on wireless networks and some other broadband networks, said David Cohen, Comcast executive vice president. To soften the blow a bit, Comcast is boosting its current 250 gig per month data cap to 300 gigs. Comcast is still tinkering with the final pricing approach and will be testing different options in a a few markets. The pricing changes come after Comcast drew heat for a plan to exclude its Xfinity broadband video service on the Xbox from data caps that applied to competing video services. In its announcement today, Comcast executive Cathy Avgiris said the company is treating other services fairly. Comcast also reiterated that it started applying data caps in 2008 to ensure the overall quality of service wasn't degraded by abnormally high usage. Seattle has quietly given up, ending nearly a decade of blue-ribbon commissions, reams of studies and public outreach.
Since 2004, residents were tantalized by the prospect of affordable, fiber-optic service that would offset the near monopoly of Comcast and boost creativity, collaboration and innovation. The closest Seattle came was a meager test of public Wi-Fi service along a few blocks in Columbia City, University Way and downtown parks that began in 2005.
In years past, Seattle stood up to this kind of bullying and built its own public utilities. Apartment developers, private schools or even a hospital could end up using parts of the network Seattle spent more than $50 million building for city use.
Video consumption via the Xbox is likely to grow further after today's announcement that Comcast, HBO and MLB services have joined the console's video lineup, nine months after they were announced at last June's E3 game conference.
Comcast also is excluding content streamed to the Xbox from data consumption limits that it applies to broadband customers, raising a net neutrality question around preferential treatment the dominant cable company is providing to its own video service, Ars Technical noted.
To receive the Comcast video via the Xbox, you need to have the console, a digital cable subscription and a digital cable box in the home. UPDATE: On top of all that, glitches caused problems for some people trying to set up the Comcast Xfinity app, according to blogger Ed Bott.
UPDATE: It turns out the app won't work on an Xbox for Comcast Xfinity subscribers, because Comcast and a few other large cable providers aren't supporting it. As Americans surround themselves with video screens that stream movies and TV shows from different websites, Comcast is going after the challengers.
Over the past year, Comcast has rolled out new hardware, Web services and mobile applications that extend its video content well beyond the TV and set-top box.

Blaxland (below) manages a Comcast team in Philadelphia that's building new Web interfaces and mobile apps. Customers benefit because the rise of Web alternatives is pressuring Comcast to provide new and improved services to subscribers, but it hasn't gone so far as to lower rates.
One goal of the site is to provide a unified console for TV shows and movies available via Comcast. Comcast also is developing a new app that will stream live TV shows to Web tablets in subscribers' homes, matching a capability offered by other cable companies.
Comcast also is preparing to release a new cable box that plays cable TV, Web video content and some Web apps.
Elements of the interface will also appear on the new Comcast app coming this month to the Xbox 360, Blaxland said. You'd think Comcast would be able to abandon regional hubs and just stream everything via the Internet, as Netflix or Hulu does. Fox Sports 1 is in 87 million homes and has signed long-term carriage deals with Comcast, Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-verse. Fox Sports 1 has a bigger, younger, more affluent and more diverse audience than the former motorsports channel. It’s no secret that the best TV ratings come from live events, and Fox Sports still has the rights to a lot of live sports that have yet to make an appearance on the channel. Today's deal is a far cry from the original vision, though it could prod entrenched providers such as Comcast and CenturyLink to improve their services and compete with the newcomer. It's not clear if Seattle's chances will diminish now that it's letting other companies get a head start on lucrative, high-density neighborhoods. While Seattle was jawing about broadband, the public utility district in 2005 began developing one of the world's fastest broadband services. Instead, his company wants to raise another $25 million from investors for the Seattle project. They'll be in addition to the 1,300 call center employees Comcast already has in the state. Disney's Internet group continues to run websites and develop technology platforms in Seattle, similar to what NBC plans to do with its Innovation Center.
Comcast draws a distinction between services on the "public Internet" such as Hulu and controlled-access services such as Xfinity which don't count against the data caps. Earlier this month, Comcast announced it's losing fewer cable TV subscribers this year -- 443,000 through the nine months ending Sept. Listings show what can be recorded to a DVR, streamed over the Internet or played from Comcast's "On Demand" collection.
Comcast announced the live TV streaming in January and disclosed last summer that it will use a Motorola device that connects to home routers and handles the streaming.
Comcast subscribers will be able to stream stored -- but not live -- video content to the consoles, after Microsoft rolls out a new software dashboard for the consoles Dec. Comcast is now streaming content over the Internet from a central hub in Denver, which could eventually replace the local "hubs" that Comcast uses to store and distribute video over its traditional cable. That's why subscribers will see some shows available "On Demand" -- from Comcast's regional hubs -- and others available for Web streaming.
As those sports find their way onto Fox Sports 1’s schedule, executives expect to see ratings continue to increase.
Fox Sports 1’s college basketball numbers illustrate some of the problems the network is having as it tries to break viewer habits and promote the network effectively to bring college basketball fans over to FS1. Fox executives hope to have similar successes around additional NASCAR races and later this summer when it carries MLB games.
Fox Sports 1’s viewership in the 18-to-49 prime-time demo averages 98,000 viewers, up 96 percent over Speed. Fox is committed to the channel and its executives stress that they plan to be patient with it.
By the time the World Cup rolls around in 2018, they hope the channel will be part of every sports fan’s rotation.

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