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As for DirecTV customers, DirecTV has added a page to its website explaining the monthly subscription policy (believed to be $14.99). In both the DirecTV and FiOS instances, it is not known at press time whether either Fox Soccer Plus will be available in HD although it appears unlikely. UPDATE: DirecTV has confirmed that the March 1 indicated above will be the launch date for Fox Soccer Plus on DirecTV channel 621. This entry was posted in General, Leagues: EPL and tagged DirecTV, Fox Soccer Plus, verizon fios. AT&T Uverse here n Milwaukee, WI is also showing Fox Soccer programming on setantas channel starting March 1st.
For the Premier League, yes, but Fox Soccer Plus will be showing England v Egypt exclusively live on its channel on Wednesday, March 3. I was very impressed that you got one over on Direct TV by carrying Fox Soccer channel HD before Direct TV and most cable companies. However the reason I am writing to yourself is that sadly Setanta Sports is going to be ceasing broadcasting on Feb 28th and is going to be replaced by Fox Soccer Channel Plus. I am hearing rumours that Direct TV and FIOS will be carrying Fox Soccer Channel Plus on March 1st. It had been saying that the soccer and rugby games on Setanta will be moved to a new channel Fox Plus beginning 1 March. Having already added Gol TV HD last week, DirecTV is making fans of the other football even happier now that it's launching Fox Soccer Channel HD tomorrow. World's Most Popular Video Service Delivers More Than 320 Exclusive Live Matches; Fox Soccer Channel HD Launches Aug. EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Aug 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Soccer fans will be able to enjoy more soccer programming than ever before on DIRECTV this season. Fans will be able to watch up to eight games from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League simultaneously on DIRECTV's exclusive Soccer Mix Channel, in both HD and standard-definition.

The matches in each of the competitions carried exclusively by DIRECTV will be available on channels 480-489. DirecTV has moved FOX Soccer from the sports pack to the more widely available Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate packs.
Matt, no one has announced it yet, but several DirecTV customers have told me that FOX Soccer is now on Choice Xtra and Choice Ultimate.
Numerous reports indicate Speed (also recently moved down to the Choice packages — out of Sports Pack) will be rebranded Fox Sports 1.
DirecTV has threatened to remove FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus from its programming by November 1st if the satellite provider is unable to make a deal with FOX. I have never & will never give fox nor direct TV a single cent (or pence) but I continue to be a huge and knowledgeable EPL fan. EPL Talk is much better at covering the EPL then fox and when they act like idiots, its quite amusing. I am not sure if I am sad that ESPN lost their soccer rights… I will not forget few years back when ESPN had the rights on the champion league rights and they would cut a game short because a baseball game would start, or they would not go on showing a game that went on overtime (it was a champion league knock out phase game) because they didn’t want to disrupt their regular programming and not show a bullfight film!! I never thought I would say this but its time for ESPN to launch a dedicated soccer channel and get all of the programming from Fox. One EPL Talk reader even shared the above screen capture (see above) which shows the FiOS programming guide with Fox Soccer Plus programming on the Setanta Sports channel (1009) where Fox Soccer Plus will launch Monday.
There is a lot of unhappy Direct TV customers in the soccer community on line whilst you guys are getting some positive press. But considering the Versus fiasco, I wouldn’t put it past DirecTV to have decided not to carry FS+ at the last minute.
Between those two and Fox Soccer Plus matches in HD the satellite broadcaster is claiming over 320 live matches on deck for this season. In addition to the ever increasing slate of games offered by its television partners, DIRECTV also will deliver exclusively to its customers more than 320 live matches, including up to 28 exclusive European matches a week from the world's top competitions beginning this month.

11, along with the addition of Fox Soccer Plus matches in HD and GolTV HD, soccer fans will be able to view an unprecedented number of matches in HD during the 2010-2011 season.
The Soccer Mix Channel on channel 480 will provide a comprehensive view of each day's UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League coverage.
The move means that customers wishing to subscribe to FOX Soccer on DirecTV could save money by not needing to subscribe to the sports pack anymore. I see the idiotic comments about soccer and fox and realize that I’m reading comments from the closed minds of liberal ignorance, perhaps if you all were to watch fox more often you would understand fair reporting were all sides are allowed to state their point of view.
From UEFA Champions league coverage later this month to La Liga and UEFA Europa League it's all there, along with a Soccer Mix channel to tune into up to 8 games in SD & HD simultaneously.
28, with at least 114 exclusive live matches, or a minimum of three each round, only on DIRECTV, in addition to those already broadcast by DIRECTV partners GolTV and ESPN.
DIRECTV Latin America, through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and other Latin American countries, leads the pay-TV category in technology, programming and service, delivering an unrivaled digital television experience to 7.6 million customers.
If this sh*t with DirecTV goes down and we lose FSC for even one day, then the only way forward is for ESPN to rescue us.
DIRECTV sports and entertainment properties include three Regional Sports Networks (Northwest, Rocky Mountain and Pittsburgh) as well as a 65 percent interest in Game Show Network. 16 and continue through DIRECTV's exclusive 153-match coverage of the final on May 18, 2011.

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