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Free soccer predictions sites for live scores, match analysis and football predictions for fun and for use in football betting sites such as SportPesa.
Their football predictions cover all the major teams and leagues, including the World Cup, UEFA, Champions League, Premier League, Brazilian Serie A and the German Bundesliga. WhoScored has free soccer predictions and live scores for all the major leagues and cups, and teams. Other football predictions include the Copa America, Champions Cup and the Serie A of Brazil. ProSoccer offers free soccer predictions for over 150 leagues, including the UEFA, Champions League and Euro Cup.

In addition to soccer predictions for various top leagues, ScorePredictor has live scores and predictions for handball and basketball. The soccer predictions cover the Champions League, Europa League and a host of national teams that include Austria’s Bundesliga, German Bundesliga and the Russian Premier League.
It is easy to navigate to each league, and the football predictions include statistics for the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and the EURO Cup. In addition to the accurate soccer predictions, StatArea offers betting tips and final scores. ProSoccer has football predictions for the World Cup and major national teams outside Europe.

BBC Sport has one of the best reporting for soccer live scores, football news and match fixtures. You can even check their predictions for the previous week, get live scores and get up-to-date with the latest soccer news.

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