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The seasons are changing and Jim Hurley's Football Betting Podcast never leaves money on the table. Econfox ** Betting Analyst for SportsBook Pics - Over 20 years of sports betting online and in Las Vegas. These tips are all well and good, but the two kids who almost perfected their March Madness brackets most likely didn’t have access to this information, and look how their brackets panned out.

A quick reference that I use for basketball betting is the the average margin of victory against the spread. The site provides advanced statistical analysis of college basketball, and the 1st or 2nd-ranked team in its ratings have gone on to win it all in nine of the eleven years.
You get the best sportsbook promotions, betting trends and insights that help you win, and the most hassle-free customer service and website run by some of the most reputable staff in the world.

If I had take 20 seconds to look at one of my other betting accounts I could have gotten the same bet at -5.

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