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USC’s Brynn Cameron, 21, is now back in the game since giving birth to her son, Cole Cameron Leinart, 13 months ago.
In new interviews, Brynn discusses how the discovery of her pregnancy tested her spirit, her regret at remarks made in the past, sharing nursing advice with Lisa Leslie, and being a young mom. Having been raised in a Mormon family, Brynn was nervous about their reaction to her pregnancy. Brynn stopped working out during her pregnancy — and it showed during her labor, she laughs now. Brynn and Matt regret events that happened over the summer, when Brynn responded to remarks Matt made publicly about being a father. Brynn is reluctant to say that she’s back in top basketball form, but Matt has no problem tooting her horn for her. Brynn is aware of negative comments about her character, having been called everything from a baby mama to a gold digger.
At a recent game against the US National Team, Brynn made eye contact with WNBA star Lisa Leslie, who welcomed her own child, daughter Lauren Jolie, now 6 months, in June.

Despite once feeling that having a baby so young would ruin her life, Brynn now says that Cole has taught her perspective. Some of my extended family is LDS and I imagine that would be very hard for them to deal with if one of my nieces was in that situation, so I really commend her family on how they reacted to the news and have helped Brynn and Matt, as I know it can be very difficult in that religious structure. Brynn Cameron put herself in the mecca of celebrity (LA), played a little b-ball and made things work for her.
It seems that Brynn Cameron has an eye and a womb for hot athletes and giving birth to their babies, because she is not just the baby mama of NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, but now she is also the baby mama of NBA player Blake Griffin.. We all remember Brynn and Matt’s ugly child custody battle over their adorable son, Cole Cameron Leinart, now age 6, those days are over, they settled on an agreement and now Matt sees Cole on a regular basis. It seems that little Cole Leinart became a big brother, because mommy Brynn gave birth to her second son, named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin and yes, according to his birth certificate Blake Griffin is the father, no longer dating Brynn I must add, damn girl hopefully the third time she will keep her baby’s father after she gives birth to the baby.
27-year-old Brynn was born Brynn Elaine Cameron on July 8, 1986, in Van Nuys, California, the daughter of Cathy and Stan Cameron, who are also the proud parents of her siblings sister Emily and brothers Colby and Jordan. Brynn was born with basketball genes, Jack Cravens her grandfather and her personal hero was a star baseball and basketball player at BYU.

Her mother quit her job to watch Cole while Brynn has class, practice, and games, one of her brothers left BYU for USC to live with Brynn and help with Cole, and her dad tells her to take it day-by-day. She also comes from a freakishly athletic family – Jordan Cameron is having a breakout 2013 season for the Cleveland Browns and is looking like a future all-pro tight end. Know a good hustler when you see one and identify the tools they use to ply their trade like Brynn Cameron did here. After a doctor confirmed for her that she and Matt had conceived in early February, Brynn told him and they both cried. Colby Cameron was an elite NCAA quarterback and (now former) Carolina Panther who, in 2012, broke records for passes completed without an interception in a season or career, and won the Sammy Baugh tropy as the best passer in the nation not named Johnny Manziel.

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