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Published : 30.12.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Free Sports Picks VIP Forum
Bellow I will explain how to create your own roulette system using RBS-Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio. So this is an easy process and can be done by any type of players and no special skills are need for this. Every decision related to color to bet for the current step is based on the previous landed color. If lost field represent the step where will jump MMMX in case of lost situation for the current step.

If won field represent the step where will jump MMMX in case of won situation for the current step.
I want to pay attention that these rules can be used for all the steps you plan to use for your roulette system. Bellow is a palette that will allow you to wait for 10 consecutive Black's and to bet 100$ to RED.
Finally I can say that you can code any type of roulette systems and the single limitation is your mind.

Our Roulette Systems database contain a lot of palettes that will serve you as starting point for your first palette (Roulette System). I will recommend to build your own open source roulette system instead of buying a black box roulette system.

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