YUKIWA CNC Keyless Drill Chucks are of high rigidity and high precision, with the shank and the chuck body being combined together into one unit, and are most suitable for the high-precise drilling or reaming work by Machining Center, CNC Machine, Jig Borer, Drill Press or Milling Machine, etc. The head of a keyless drill chuck and BT shank has solid construction, and it is proud of the run-out accuracy of 0.002 inch or less, and preeminent deflection accuracy. With the conventional system, insertion of the wrench must be repeated for changing the holder, but, with Yukiwa System, this work has been simplified and the holder changing time can be shortened consequently.
Since the locking system of the conventional system locates inside the unit, it is hard to insert the wrench by adjusting its socket hole. All the parts are precision-made and hardened enough, and, moreover, the outside is totally enclosed type, all of which enduring an outstanding durability of the chuck. Yukiwa Ball Bearing Drill Chucks are called as Super Chuck, which is new designed Jacobs?f type Drill Chucks having the thrust ball bearing inside.

The ball bearing Drill Chucks have the thrust ball bearing inside, which reduce the frictional resistance. Among the Jacobs type Drill Chucks, the ball bearing Drill Chuck has the world highest accuracy.
For chucking drill bit, tighten the sleeve by hands and then re-tighten the sleeve with the attached spanner, which will make the gripping torque three times stronger than the tightening by hands only.
However, Yukiwa's locking system locates outside the clamp unit and the adjustment of the socket hole can easily by done and the work efficiency is much improved. They show their real worth as the tooling on the multi-spindle automatic turning machines or the machining centers, in the heavy cutting on the drilling machines, radial drilling machines, milling machines, etc. Therefore, when this Drill Chuck is tightened with the same torque for the conventional Drill Chuck, the gripping torque is two twice stronger than that of the conventional Drill Chucks.

And, since the proper heat-treatment and grinding are done on them, this durability is outstanding and the accuracy is kept for a long time. Also this re-tightening with the spanner prevents loosening of the sleeve at an emergency stoppage of the main spindle and thus no falling-down of the drill bit from the chuck.

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