I do NOT own this machine.It belongs to "mardak001" and was transferred from the Yahoo Power Hack Saw group.
I do NOT own this machine.It belongs to "junkyardwarscrusher" and was transferred from the Yahoo Power Hack Saw group. Now the backs come out easy you just drill the 6 pop rivets out with a suitable sized drill bit and slide the entire mechanism off the window towards the rear of the door and simply remove the regultor from the door the glass will hold its position but lower it once they are out just incase. With the front glass out you can now drill out the front four pop rivets and remove the regulators. Follow the same process for the doors you wish to install the electric regulators in to get the manual mechanisms out. Now to prep the regulators take an 8.3mm drill bit and drill the holes that the pop rivets were in out so our bolts will fit through.

So now we do the same to the destination doors drill out the appropriate holes making sure any glass (the rear windows) are up and out of the way whilst you do this as the drill tends to get sucked through with great force when it breaks through the other side. The front doors are the same thing you feed the wiring into the door first then feed the other side into the cabin. Now you feed the rest of the wiring to its appropriate place with the main switch wiring being fed to the centre console part (the console out makes this part easier) and i fed the rest of the wiring in front of the heater and behind the dash.
I'm going to wreckers today to see if there are cars out there so I can make the conversion what price should I be looking at? I just had a look on ebay and found a set of for and a set of two and the recon it's universal.
Clean all the filings off of the regulators we dont want our new regulators chewing metal shards now.

The fronts are almost at the top of each door and it makes life easier to take the vent cover off the vent to pull the wiring into the cabin. Screw the power window module under the steering coloum and run the remaining wiring to the drivers side door looms. Its now easiest to remove the top inside trim to pull the window completly out of the door.

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