My tools are not organized at all and I am wondering what everyone does to keep them where they belong. I use several tool bags sorted into: metric, standard, air tools, field bag, shop bag and oddball stuff like pickle fork and crows foot in a cupboard.
The tool cabinets only organize tools into drawers, one for sockets, one for screwdrivers, etc. In the garage, I have all my wrenches, screw drivers, sockets, and other main-use handtools hung up on about 15 feet of pegboard. I went to HF and got a pile of socket holders and wrench clips (like the ones that come with GearWrenches). Everything that isn't a socket, ratchet, wrench or similar goes on the peg board wall or in a shelved cabinet on the same wall.
Everything car-wrenching related is in a Craftsman 9 dr roll-a-way, 3 dr mid-chest and 12 dr drop-front chest.
The main reason I am starting to lock my tool box is because I can never get others to put stuff away, drives me nuts when I search for an hour to find a damn wrench. I'm improving when things are normal, but during the garage construction, without access to normal organization, my girlfriend has noted that my current filing system is I threw it on the ground. The other thing is that having a place for everything in the box makes it easy to see what's missing.
I wrenched at a motorcycle shop with a very good friend for a couple years, and at first, he and I would almost come to blows over tool organization if we were helping out on each others' lifts.

Large multi-drawer toolbox, magentic socket trays, and combo wrench racks keep everything organized for me. Five minutes spent cleaning and putting things away will usually pay you back in hours of saved time searching for something. All my tools are wiped down and put away after every wrench session, and sometimes during wrench sessions if I am going from vastly different jobs like changing valve cover gaskets to changing brakes. Someday soon my friends, this ride will come to an end - but we can't just get in line again. Vehicles(2) MKII aba swapped Jetta Coupes (One shaved bay), and a MKII VR swapped jetta 4door. Saw that car in person at summer IA, Cool ass dude, him and I were the only ones there with completely shaved bays done right, sucks what happen to the shock tower when they were unloading the car. I was thinking about getting a tool storage cabinet and get some foam to keep it organized since the only tools of mine that stay where they should are the ones that come in plastic cases with a space for each little piece.
When I go under the car or pack for the track - I can just grab the whole set of sockets with swivels all neatly clipped together.
Screw drivers and punches, etc all poke thru a 1x2 I drilled a million differing sized holes in and screwed to the wall. If I get stuck on something, I take a break to straighten up and shift the problem back into my subconscious while I 'concentrate' on cleaning. I love these socket organizers, because the socket only fits on the correct-size post, and the size is easy to see at a glance.

I'll post up some pictures later on if anybody really wants to see them, but I imagine my organizational habits aren't terribly enthralling to anyone who's got this far in a surprisingly in-depth reply to a rather innocent question. I have large handeld roller bag for the air tools that came with a smaller bag for my field bag. As I'm putting stuff away and not focusing on the problem, I'll usually come up with at least another way to tackle it as I sort of zone out. But my insistence on organization (and I'll concede that it's easy for me to take it too far) did the same to him. I put everything away at the end of a session - even if I'm not done and will be pulling most of the same tools out again the next day.
If I'm in the middle of a job and I haven't used a tool in a while, I'll put it back in its spot in the box. Most of the time, guys with jumbles of tools have a near-photographic memory about what tool is where in the jumble. Inside my field bag I have a Kobolt speed bit zippered pouch that gets all my bits, it also fits the older through ratchet set in the case from HF. But, move that needle a foot to the left before they have a chance to look again, and that thing is gone.

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