It's New Years Day, the holiday season is officially over, and it's time to get back to building!
Actually, I've never stopped, but for the last month or two I've been working on top secret Christmas gifts, which I couldn't blog about, for the obvious reason. I'll start with the very last project I finished -- something I knocked together in the last day or two.
Once the height of the out feed table was fixed, it was a simple matter to subtract the height of the table saw, and to build a stout little base to make up the difference.
I originally planned to bolt the saw to the top of the base, but then I realized there would be no place for the sawdust to go, so instead of bolting it down, I attached a rail to the base's front edge. After doing this, I realized I could have cut a hole in the base top for the saw dust to fall through.
To further prevent the saw from moving on the base, I covered the top of the base in a non-skid shelf liner material that Helena found for me somewhere.
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Colonial america’ pre-industrial age wood water, Another way to characterize the colonial economy and its technology is to call it an age of wood and water.
But now that the holidays are over, I can catch up on all the interesting projects that have been going on around here. All the other projects I've been working on have involved the use of a table saw -- one of the tools I'm least comfortable using. I might do this if I decide the saw does need to be bolted down, but so far I don't see the need. Because the liner is fairly cushy, it ensures that the base is solidly gripping the floor with all four legs, making it feel really steady.
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I could look through pinterest for a more fascinating glance at woodshop storage than this article.
My current table saw is one I was given, so I can't complain much about it, but it is fairly small and rudimentary. It's practically impossible to slide the base on the floor, with the grippy stuff on the feet.
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Because the table saw goes to the material, it is perfect for cutting curves on large sheet goods.
The bandsaw is limited because it can only work with materials that can be brought up to the saw and used on the table, but the table saw can work on any size material.

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