Windows 8.1 Update is projected to be unveiled to users later today via Windows Update, so Microsoft is trying to make sure that everyone knows the changes in this new OS version by rolling out a fresh power user guide for businesses. Just as expected, Microsoft puts the focus on the traditional PC, explaining that Windows 8.1 Update comes with options that make the operating system better for desktop computers. If no dump is saved, then it means that driver failed to do it or the drive itself failed to do it. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 bsod hibernate or ask your own question.
Word choice for salutation in a formal email to your PhD adviser, Is *Dear Boss* appropriate? Touch HD Power Off replaces the current function of a long press on the power button, but also presents new options. The first is the traditional full power off of the function, the second is an automatic soft-reset, which is quite useful, as this is the only reason would really power down the device in the first instance, and it saves one having to turn it back on again after it shuts down fully. HTC Touch ReCharger prevents your device from charging when connected to your computer until the battery has been depleted to a certain level specified e.g. A less controversial use may be for conditioning the device when one has just bought it, when you may want to give the battery a few charge and discharge cycles.
You probably don't have hibernation enabled, as hybrid sleep requires hibernation support to save the memory content to the hard drive. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 power-management hybrid-sleep or ask your own question.

Is it possible that the halting problem is solvable for all input except the machine's code? Would the induced tension be approximately equal on an acoustic guitar for electric and acoustic strings of the same gauge? I want to use the power button to turn off my Windows 7 machine without having to login or unlock it.
I of course Google'd this and searched SU extensively; the only close question I can find how to make KDE do this. However, holding the power button for 8 seconds will cause the BIOS to shut the computer down just like cutting the power. If you cannot reach your power button, cutting the power to the system by removing the cord or flipping the switch on the power bar will work, but it's not the best thing for the hardware. The other thing to do is put a script on both your machines calling psshutdown for the other machine, or for all the machines in the lab.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 windows power poweroff or ask your own question. Do people forget where something protected by the Fidelius charm is, if the spell is cast after they already know this location?
When requesting a donation, is it better to have a prefilled button or enter their own value? As WinBeta is reporting, it has a total of 20 pages full of information regarding the features introduced in the update rolled out last week.

Windows works the way you want it to,” the company said in the user guide before going into detail on every change it made to the operating system. It will be shipped via Windows Update in order to avoid any potential problems occurring when trying to download it from the store.
I'm wondering if this is connected (cause of or effect of) another problem I'm having whereby Windows (and BIOS) now fails to recognize my secondary HDD.
If they are fine then try removing it and testing with another PC to confirm whether or not it is the source of the problem.
The advantage of this application is that while USB charging can be disabled in the power settings, it wont be automatically re-enabled when the battery runs low. Similar problems have been experienced with Windows 8.1 when the company rolled it out in the store, as plenty of users where unable to download it due to a number of compatibility issues. Yes I have done it many times without issues, but making it a common practice is ill advised.

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