They spill a little more of the feed than the commercial feeder, I think this will change as they get older. Along with my automatic waterer (35 gallon water barrel to nipples) this should give me about a week of food and a month of water, un-attended. My thought is that they would only be able to get their heads in through the hole on the side of the bucket. FWIW, after analyzing the design in operation, I am going to cut a hole in the bottom of my Ozarka jug.
I'll probably cut an opening, find a plastic lid to cover it, and simplify the re-filling process. Using the pipe on the inside to hold it above the bottom bucket, and also probably screw the two buckets together. I asked in the other thread, but let me repost here too: Be careful that the chickens can reach the center of the feeder.
I did lower it just a little, and they seem to be accessing the feed toward the middle better.
Originally Posted By chrisb9381: Not a chicken farmer so I don't understand the whole maggot piece.

Either of these are adjustable to cut sizes not possible with holesaws, which are made in discrete sizes.
Originally Posted by Dan Thomas For odd-sized holes you can use either a flycutter or an expansion bit. A scroll saw (table jigsaw) also works fine if the throat depth is sufficient to swing the panel. If you don't mine spending the money on two bits, a forstner bit will probably give you the cleanest cut and tightest fit. After cutting i sanded a little , and then routed the back of the panel so that the instruments would not be so recessed. I have a question. My pullets have been allowed access to both the run and coop for about a week. Seriously, the average person uses their drill for 4 minutes (actual power surging through the device to do something like drill a hole). I am sure there are many out there, like you, who use the drill for hours rather than minutes, during the drill’s lifespan. But one caution - just in case it wasn't obvious - using a flycutter in a portable hand drill is not without risk and is generally not recommended.

I just noticed that when I blew up the picture on my post, the edges of the cut looked scalloped. Before that they just laid down wherever they were when it got dark. They will automatically seek shelter and a roost when they get older.
If you clamp the panel face down on another sheet of MDF or ply and cut the hole from the backside, it should limit the amount of tearing to the edges of the hole. Working the flycutter by hand and scratching deeply from both sides of the sheet will let you flex the disc enough to pop it out. For wood panels I've used the expansion bit, which has a sharp knife that cuts the radius cleanly.

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