By Martin Leave a Comment Hedge trimmers are easy-to-use tools for homeowners that take the time and hard work out of trimming and maintaining hedges and bushes.
Some people prefer gas-powered models, but they can be noisy and unhealthy to the environment. As an alternative, there are cordless hedge trimmer units available that offer you the portability of gas-powered machines with the quiet environmental friendliness of corded electric models. While these trimmers are not generally as powerful as gas or corded electric models, they feature enough power to accomplish most hedge trimming chores. Cordless electric hedge trimmers tend to be fairly light, but the overall size depends upon the size of the cutting bar.
A larger cutting bar will give you more versatility and it will be able to handle larger hedges more easily.
Of the three types of hedge trimmers available, cordless electric units are the least continually powerful. The most important advantage to cordless hedge trimmers is that they are supremely portable. Cordless hedge trimmers are also typically lighter and easier to operate than gas-powered or corded electric models. As compared to gas-powered hedge trimmers, cordless models are much quieter and significantly more environmentally friendly. Also, cordless trimmers do not require you to keep fuel on hand, plus they do not require the maintenance involved with the upkeep of gas-powered hedge trimmers. By far, the most important feature to look for when purchasing a cordless hedge trimmer is the presence of a Lithium Ion battery.
Traditional, nickel cadmium batteries can be found in many models, but more expensive units will feature the new style. Although the cost for Lithium Ion batteries is higher, there are many benefits to the new batteries.
Additionally, the new battery style does not require you to wait until batteries are almost dead before recharging.
You should also look for a trimmer that has enough cutting bar length for the kind of hedges you need to trim. These machines are powerful enough for most hedge trimming tasks, and they are infinitely portable.
They are also terrific in neighborhoods where the usage of gas-powered machinery is frowned upon. Cordless hedge trimmers are light, quiet and easy to use, plus they are powerful enough for most applications. Though there are advantages to owning corded electric or gas-powered units, cordless models offer many of the same features in lighter, less expensive and quieter packages. For that reason, the Black & Decker LHT2436 and the Toro 51496 come as highly recommended.
Both have 24 inch cutting bars, both have lots of satisfied customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere and both are made by leading outdoor power manufacturers. They differ in that the Toro has a 24 volt Lithium Ion battery whereas the Black and Decker has a 36 volt one. What this means in practice is that where you see a link to a product or service, then it is likely that we will be paid a commission if you click on the link and go on to buy a product or service from that provider or take some other positive action (like sign up for further information). For the sake of simplicity, please assume that a link that takes you to a page where you can buy or sign up for a product or service is an affiliate link. When comparing all the various different models, cordless vacuums offer a number of benefits.
To choose the ideal cordless vacuum for you, a few things need to be considered.  How big is the space that needs to be cleaned?  What kind of mess do you want to clean up?  And how long at a time will you be planning on using the vacuum? There are a lot of options to choose from, so let’s look at the main categories first so we can narrow things down.
These are like regular corded vacuums, but lighter and more compact.  This makes them easier to store, which fits nicely with the fact that they are intended to be used for smaller spaces that often have less storage space. Handhelds are very maneuverable and lightweight.  They are designed to be used for spot cleaning and small messes. The power level is important for creating and maintaining suction.  If you’ve ever used a vacuum that left the carpet or the car looking as if it hadn’t been cleaned at all, it might have been suffering from a severe lack of power. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners which often have a bag to collect dust and dirt, all cordless models are bagless.  Some also have a clear dust bin, so you can tell when it is getting full. A docking station or stand can be a very useful and convenient way to charge your cordless vacuum.  Other accessories that increase versatility include crevice tools for cleaning small spaces, dusting brushes for cleaning delicate items, brushes with stiff bristles to help clean ground-in dirt, and extension wands to reach ceilings and fans. Vacuuming can stir up a lot of dust, which can be bad for people with allergies.  A good filter can help to lessen that issue.
Now that you’ve narrowed your choices down, check out our detailed product guides using the links at the top and side of the page to find the perfect cordless vacuum for you! By Kerry ZayasThis information about the best cordless electric lawn mower reviews would be very useful for of you who are currently require grass cutting machines that are practical and easy to use. Selecting the right mower products will provide a lot of convenience to your work to cut the grass. This is the best cordless electric lawn mower reviews which offer a practical and efficient design.
Intellicut technology that is used in this product will allow you to cut high grass leaves. Cordless design and supported with some other features, make this product be a practical solution for you who want to cut the grass in Professional on your own home yard. In terms of appearance, the products are dominated by black and gray makes it look more elegant. The best mower products that can make consumers satisfied is feature-feature contained in the product.
Cordless Drills More Power To Your Elbow Welcome to my Cordless drill and Power tool Review site.
The best cordless drill and driver reviews and trends are discussed in this introduction to the ConsumerSearch report, which also covers cordless hammer drills The best cordless drill reviews – Read why Makita BDF452HW 18 v cordless drill is the top-rated and most favored model for years. We believe the Bosch PS31-2A Cordless drill driver is the best 12V cordless drill on the market today.
ConsumerSearch yzes expert and user-generated cordless drill reviews, impact drivers and combo kits to identify the most reliable, easiest-to-use drills.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to select the best cordless drill for you. Impact Driver Reviews – An impact driver delivers 3-4 times more torque than a standard cordless drill, allowing you to easily drive large lag bolts and screws.
Impact drivers provide increased peak torque while adding noise, weight, and expense to the drill. Normally the higher the frequencies the better the transmission and the lower the interferences.
The Buzzillions Reviewers’ Choice Award for 2008 has been won by the Panasonic KX-TG1034S. ConsumerGuide in its cordless phones review named Panasonic KX-TG6700B cordless phone as a Best Buy. The Uniden DECT 2060-2 has a privacy feature which prevents others on other extensions from listening to the conversation.
It is clear from all the reviews that Panasonic cordless phones are among the best if not the best. The DCV580 is a cordless-only vac, and is compatible with both 18V stem-style and 20V Max slide-style battery packs.
Thumbs up to Dewalt for making these vacs compatible with both 18V and 20V Max battery packs.
According to some videos i just watched, seems the DCV580 is battery power only and the 581 has AC cord. The batteries would last less than 10 minutes, but you could get a whole lot of cleaning done in that time. The quest to add SKU numbers seems to be the only inspiration for this kind of marketing redundancy. My feeling is that the pure cordless model will appeal to heavier Dewalt users that have plenty of batteries to spare, while the corded version will appeal to those who need a HEPA filter, longer runtime, and those who might not have any other cordless Dewalt tools at all.
Typically, cordless units will feature 18 to 24 volts of power, although there are exceptions, such as the Greenworks 22632A 40-Volt Lithium Ion 24-Inch model. But it will also mean that the trimmer will be heavier, longer and more difficult to handle.
Although this is a drawback if you need to work with the tool for extended periods, these trimmers also offer advantages over their counterparts. As long as a unit’s battery has a charge, you can take it anywhere without worrying about refueling or keeping near to an electrical outlet. This is wonderful if you live in a neighborhood that values freedom from noise, or if you are bound by municipal codes of noise pollution prohibiting the use of gas-powered gardening tools.
The traditional batteries will tend to slow your machine down as the batteries drain, but this will not happen with Lithium Ion batteries. Because of this, cordless hedge trimmers are best for small to mid size properties featuring hedges of small to average size. If you have hedge trimming that takes longer than an hour or two, these machines may not offer the necessary battery power, but if your work typically takes less time, cordless hedge trimmers are perfect.
These machines are not for everyone, but owners love them for their portable power, quietness and overall value. Emptying the dust container is as simple as pressing a release button and emptying it over a garbage can.
Some filter types include a cartridge type which can be removed and shaken clean, foam that can be washed, and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters which are great for those who are very sensitive to dust and allergens. Lawn mower with easy maintenance is usually an important factor for consumers until finally they choose the lawnmower.
That is why, selection of quality products would be important because it will determine whether the product can be durable or not.
However, you should be able to assess whether the product can really meet your needs or not. Does use even the best rated cordless drill mostly for screw driving applications or drilling holes. Read our reviews to find the Best Cordless Drill and compare photos, specs and user reviews.
More Best Cordless Lithium Drill Driver Hammer To Buy: See Updates at the bottom We had received a Makita 18 volt drill driver as a gift. They all have very good voice quality and talk time between 13 to 15 hours, except for Panasonic with only 9 hours.
I have a smaller Dewalt DC515K vacuum that I purchased nearly 3 years ago (kit via Amazon) and it comes in handy from time to time. Still using 18 volt and plan to do so for quite sometime, so this is perfect to keep me from defecting from DeWalt once I eventually switch to new battery tech. The cost of parts to go from ac power to dc power probably add 20-30 bucks to the price of the tool, so they gave the option to people that figure they wouldn’t use ac power that often and gave them a discount. If the cordless model street price drops to $99 and the HEPA version comes out at $129, you can bet that $30 difference is going to be very influential to users’ purchasing decisions. In the world of cordless hedge trimmers, the cutting bars generally range from 17 to 24 inches long.
If you have ever run out of battery power just before completing a chore, you know how important battery power can be. Whereas, several factors must be considered such as operational convenience, storage of grass, price of the product and the feature of the products. Through the best cordless electric lawn mowers reviews below will hopefully help you to choose the right lawn mower products. A lawn mower is also equipped with an intuitive outreach system which is very useful to keep the grass remain prime condition.
Who you who need a lawn mower, some information above are must become important information. For the value and work load I will definitely The DC730KA, like any of the other Dewalt family of cordless drills and drivers, is manufactured to meet the needs of professional tradesman.
Bosch Cordless Tools Drills Hammer Drills Hammerdrills Drill Driver Attachments; Grinder Attachments; Hammer Hammer Drill Attachments Looking for the Best cordless drill tool kit?
This is a compact lightweight drill yet it packs a lot of power in its high performance motor and dual speed transmission.
The DCV581H will likely be priced closer to $129, and will be available starting in the Fall of 2013.

I have the ridgid 4 gallon 5hp portable wet dry vac on wheels and its great only thing I would like on it would be a cordless option.
Those factors are very important, therefore you will not make mistake in choosing products. You also do not need to worry about the price because these products are offered at affordable prices. They who have been using this product state that the product is very special because it is proven to help the activities of mowing the lawn with a very easy and cost-effective.
This product is very easy to use that you simply make sure that the tool has been charged battery. Although these products rely on batteries to support its performance, but it has a very maximum strength.
The cordless design will make it very easy to use and safe as it will not cause air pollution. Consumer Reports has honest Ratings and Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries power more and more drills and drivers.
You’ll have no trouble fitting it into those hard to reach spaces yet will have the power you need to get the job done quick. Same profit, better product, better customer value, no buyers remorse, less returns for buying the wrong version, win, win, win.
Not only that, but you need a drill that will hold a charge as long as possible and fits comfortably in your hand.With all of the cordless drill choices available today, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to compare and decide between the various models, features, and prices on drills. Supported with ultra-efficient motors and blade with a new design are to obtain more satisfactory results.
Good news for you, we're here to make this decision as easy as possible for you!Let's take a look at the best cordless drills and compare their most important features.Easily compare voltage, weight, speed, price, and chuck of the most popular cordless drills. This is also the perfect solution for those of you who require lawn mower up to 1.3 acres with just one charge.
With our sortable guide below, the time consuming task of collecting all of this data has been done for you. This may be different from your previous tool that may require a longer time when it will be used.
Compare a few drills, then just click on the name or image of the drill to dig in a bit deeper, and read the customer reviews and get the latest deal.
It also comes with a second battery so you can have that one fully charged long before you need to switch. Many people have stated in their personal reviews that they are able to go most of the day if not all day on a single charge.Drill SpeedNot every job requires the same speed of rotation. The slow speed is from 0 to 450 rpm and is great when you want a high level of control over your drilling or fastening. The high speed is from 0 to 1,500 rpm making it extremely fast when you need to get a job done fast. Knowing the different features of a cordless drill and why they are important is essential to helping you decide between models. As usual, you can control the drill speed in both settings by how much pressure you put on the trigger.Chuck SizeThe chuck on this drill is a plastic half inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck, and it has an extremely tight bit grip that is precise and accurate. If you don’t know what the features do or why they are important, then how can you compare them?POWERThe power of your cordless drill will have the largest impact on how fast and well your drill will work. The voltage of the battery is what determines your drill’s power, and the voltages range from about 6 volts all the way up to 36 volts. It’s compact enough to fit into tight spaces yet large enough to have enough power to get the job done efficiently. We recommend buying a drill with a battery that is between 9 volts and 18 volts for general home repair, and a drill that is between 18 volts and 36 volts for construction professionals who need a lot more power and are going to use their drill for much heavier uses. Another thing to consider is that drills with higher voltages are heavier, making them a bit harder to hold for an extended time.CHUCK SIZEThe chuck size is the width of the part that holds the drill bits or screwdriver heads in place. One of the main complaints that people give about this drill is that they expected a hard shell case and didn’t get one. The contractor bag it comes with is great and for the home owner or hobbyist, this should not be a problem. A low speed is considered 300 to 400 rpm and a fast speed is considered 1,200 to 1,500 rpm.
Many drills have the capability to switch between slow and fast speed which makes them great for a wide variety of uses. Is this okay?Lithium Ion Batteries are all the rage lately when it comes to cordless drills. Slow speeds are great for screwing in screws, and high speeds are great for drilling.THE BATTERYThe best batteries for a cordless drill are high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. These batteries do add a bit to the price tag, but when you consider that you’ll get 4 times as much drilling time as a standard battery. Battery charges often take hours to recharge a drill battery, so make sure that you have at least one extra so you can rotate them. Most people do not know that a Lithium Ion batteries only have a shelf life around 2 to 3 years.
This means that even if you don’t use your drill often, you will still need to replace a lithium ion battery every 2-3 years! A smart charger charges faster and it also avoids overcharging by slowing down as the battery charge gets full.
Although this is DeWalt’s entry level drill, it is a great choice for do-it-yourselfers and general contractors. It works excellent in a wide variety of materials like wood, plastic, metal and is great for woodworking, framing, cabinet installation, home repairs, and a whole lot of other uses.The slow speed is great for when you want superb control. It’s an excellent cordless power drill for general use and anything except for the heaviest of applications. My question is I am putting up a Gazebo can I use this drill to drill screw wholes into my cement, to anchor it ?

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