Social Toolbar adds social power to any website or blog, by integrating the most popular Social Networking properties into one, powerful toolbar. Our new and full revamped admin hub, allows total customization and flexibility in integrating your Toolbar to match the branding and esthetics of your website, along with controlling where and how you would like to connect with your social channels and feed content into your Toolbar experience. The Social Icons area is displayed on the left-side of the toolbar, and allows you to feature and provide links to all of your managed social channels.

Feeds from Social Toolbar allows you to dynamically stream content within the upper right-hand quadrant of the toolbar. We offer a free version of our powerful Toolbar, with the option to upgrade to our PRO version at anytime. Our PRO version includes more extensive customization, additional social channel integration, additional content feed options, and inclusion of our third-party add-on library.

You can switch the ordering of the sources displayed by dragging-and-dropping the elements on the left side.

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