West Texas Accessory Depot in Lubbock, Texas carries an unbeatable selection of toolboxes, fuel tanks, fuel transfer systems and headache racks for your products for your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Nissan and Toyota truck. We’ve been in the West Texas Auto Accessories market for a number of years and now UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, we are ready to really take off!! Tool boxes for trucks normally come with a range of features that protect, store and secure your tools while you travel. UWS, Delta and Dee Zee are some of the leading suppliers who offer a range of sturdy tools boxes for truck owners. Some of the best models include Weatherguard truck tool boxes, Husky truck tool boxes, Kobalt, Dee Zee, Jobox, Camlocker, UWS and others. I don't have any more pics but if you go to Ranch Hand - Your #1 Source for Truck Accessories they have some pictures of them there. We have not yet cataloged this product for vehicle specific applications and therefore cannot assume responsibility for fitment.
Provide us with your email address and we'll let you know the moment this Weatherguard LO-SIDE BOX - ALUMINUM 174-0-01 becomes available again.
Each wheel will incur a $9.95 per wheel fee and each tire will incur a $25 per tire fee up to $129. Oversized parts will incur a $129 truck freight charge that FedEx cannot provide standard ground shipping on.

We sell only the best in the business and can outfit your farm truck, oilfield truck, ranch truck or your personal truck with these great truck accessories. We are adding new products to our showroom floor and expanding our presence in the Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and West Texas area.
Most modern models allow you to securely lock these boxes so that any valuable tools are hidden out of sight.
These suppliers understand the requirements of their customers and this has led a range of versatile and sturdy solutions. I'm going to be looking here soon for one, and some of them look like they stick real far away from the grille.. Please read the description carefully and confirm via the manufacturer before placing order, or call one of our technicians at 1-877-787-8989 for assistance. Each truck owner has different requirements and this is why there are so many models available today. If you will be keeping your truck tool box outside there are many solutions which are not affected by the weather if it’s installed outside your truck. The most popular and useful models include single lid, double lid, gull wing, utility chest, side rail, topsider, under bed and wheel well boxes. Truck tool boxes not only protect your tools, they also protect your truck and help you avoid accidents which could be easily avoided.

The price is a bit high but for what you get looks like a good deal, with a 3 year warranty too! A distraction like this can sometimes lead to an accident as your mind is taken off the road ahead by this event. These products come in different style as well as sizes so they can perform different functions with the ability to hold large and small tools thanks to in build drawers and storage areas. Most are made from robust materials such as metal, aluminium, steel and wood which are made to resist rust or rot so that they withstand bad weather conditions such as rain.
This range of tool boxes gives you the opportunity to find the exact solution you’re looking for. Once you fit one of these products you’ll immediately realize just how important and useful they are as they protect your tools and truck which means you avoid replacing and repairing both.
Some lie flat on the floor of your truck while others fit around the wheels providing a neat and tidy place to store your tools even if you have a limited amount of space for these accessories. With a large number of truck tool boxes available for today’s truck owners this problem can be easily avoided and spending money on this type of product can save you a whole lot more in the long run.

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