These drills can be used before practice to let receivers warm up and at the same time practice to work on concentrating on catching the ball properly. This is a fun one that touches on quite a few different skills, including backward skating, pivots, passing, drive skating, and shooting.
From time to time our coaches send me drills, this is a great half-ice conditioning drill from Jan Bednar out in Slovakia. NOTE: make sure players are alternating lines so they develop stops and starts in both directions. Note: Make sure to have players execute at full speed, while maintaining good puck control, and staying low on the pivots. The 4 Blueline Warm-up is part of the Scott Fukami drill collections available through DrillDraw. Coach Rice remains one of the most intense coaches in the nation and this dvd shows that side of him.

Not only are these great drills that cover a wide variety of aspects of the game, but they also bring a tremendous amount of intensity to your practice. After receiving the pass, the puck carrier skates into the neutral zone and executes a give and go pass with (P). After picking up the return pass, the puck carrier steps into the high slot and lets a shot go. His drills focus on: Passing and Screening Transition and Finishing Defense Close outs ReboundingCoach Rice's daily dozen and lefties and righties finishing drills will teach players to attack the basket without being afraid of contact while his 4 vs. The drills that coach rice shows might be common ones but he adds a twist to them that make them fun, competitive and productive.
I absolutely love his finishing drill and we have added our own element to it at the college level and have had tremendous success finishing around the basket because of it. As your players get the hang of this drill, start pushing them to keep their feet moving throughout the entire drill.

His screening drills teaches players how to set a variety of screens and to get open coming off of them. He also has some othere drills that get the wheels turning and give you ideas on how to change yours to be more productive. I create chaos and want you to learn to play thru it!" I want my kid to play for him!!!!!
After each player has gone one time in both lines, the drill is then repeated using one hand and over the head.

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