Beginner volleyball drills will focus on aspects of the game that help introduce technique and skill.
This volleyball drill will practice decision making between lateral and inside the body passing.
This volleyball drill will practice defensive movements and transition into hitting from defensive movements. This drill demonstrates how to practice moving in a low position and directing the platform to the target. This volleyball drill helps to practice moving left to right and passing, while staying in a low position while moving to the ball.
This drill will allow players to practice serving straight across the court and also help with serve receive. This drill is to practice back row attacks to desired locations as well as increase communication skills.
We present below a concise guide to volleyball digging drills that will help beginners learn how to develop, refine, and perfect techniques for digging.
Doing squats and other exercises that mimic the motions made during digging will help keep your muscles in shape.
Volleyball digging drills will give you the confidence and physical conditioning you need to become an effective player.
During each drill, I will show you the key points, how to do the drill, video or diagrams, and the main points.
If there are too many players in one line, then they will not be active enough and warming up their muscles.
There is a second variation of this drill where you can have the lines setting the ball instead of passing it. As this drill is a little difficult to describe, I am going to include a diagram to show how this drill flows. After the person has served, position one will run to position two, two will go to three, and three will go to four.
Key Points: This basic volleyball drill focuses on warming up the muscles, and working on passing and serving.
Covers everything you need to start un-leashing the best winning shots and plays you could ever imagine! So before, you dismiss sand volleyball as a game to played by beer-gutted neighbors at a block party, think about how much a few hours a week can improve your indoor game… and your figure. Watch this volleyball video below and then check out my how-to for the volleyball drill itself. I didn’t splurdge on the poles, btu picked up these nice volleyball net rails that really make the net system work nicely. Digging is the act of preventing the ball from hitting the floor on your side of the court.

Digging is a defensive move meant to keep the ball in the air after it has been lobbed over the net from the other side.
The exercise can also be made to go at a faster pace by keeping the ball in continuous motion with light touches that send it from one person to the next. You should start with basic exercises and build your way gradually towards more complex actions and movements.
The main purpose behind these drills is to warm up the body, and get ready to play or practice.
When they are at the front of the line, they will pass the ball to the other side of the line and then go to the end of that line.
One player will pass it to the other, that player will set it, and then the other player will spike it at the other player.
Shots: Much of sand volleyball relies on shots (unless you have raw power and mad skills like Phil Dalhausser-below).
Speed, Agility, Vertical: Think all that jumping and running and diving in the sand is for nothing? Sand volleyball (or beach volleyball if you’re near a beach) is much more difficult than playing indoor.
It is mandatory to call Dig Safe to make sure there are no hidden utility lines in the space you want to dig.
Once I came back the next day to dig the trench for the where the drain pipe will go, the water started to flow out nicely. Sand and gravel will eventually mix together and you’ll be left playing with rocks in your sand.
We rolled our fabric out in sections so the dump truck could drive in on the gravel and dump onto the area we rolled out and not tear the fabric. Once again, we were feeling strong and planned to have our team put in some elbow grease and shovel sand around. They crank the net tight much like tie-straps you’d use to hold down cargo in a truck, plus they can slide up or down to change the net height. Well sorta… I ordered a sweet custom-made professional quality volleyball net with our school name on it.
With time, practice, and expert advice anyone can master the skills necessary to execute a good dig. These basic volleyball drills work best at the beginning of practice, or before the start of a match. The drill works best if there is line of extra people split up between position one and four.
You must read, be in the right spot at the right time and execute with almost perfect form. We only have enough room in our area for one court, but theres a vacant house on the other side of the lot that my school will be tearing down soon, so hopefully we will have two courts before long.

I got a good lesson on why it’s so important to make sure you dig and take into consideration a good drainage plan or you will be playing mud volleyball instead of sand volleyball. This helped us not to have to move the sand from the edges of the court, he could put piles in the middle of the court. We had 200 tons of mason sand hauled in to give us a 2′ depth after it was leveled out.
Unfortunately, it didn’t come in time for our first time to play, so I dug out an old net from our storage closet to use temporarily because we were dying to play. Trust me, this was the only time we played with this many because everybody wanted to play. The purpose of the drill is to improve your technique of passing by giving you a feel for the strength, energy, and motions needed for an effective pass. Task the server with serving the ball in ways that are unpredictable, so as to test the range of digging moves by the players on the defensive side. It also gives them more practice in doing the kind of moving, shuffling, and digging that is required during an actual game. Each player must play the ball and follow it to the other side (running to right, of course).
Well the gravel helps the water drain away from the volleyball court easier than if you just had sand there. This can smash pretty easy so i used the tractor to dig a little trench in the gravel in the two areas the ground was dug 12′ deep.
But after one afternoon of 12 girls shoveling, we had barely one pile flattened, only 11 more to go… Thank goodness I could use the tractor again.
You only have one other player to chase down that shank and it’s very difficult to “book it” in the sand. This turned two weeks worth of shoveling into just a couple of hours of tractor action to smooth it all out.
If you know your partner is gonna take the first contact, you better jet to the net to set (like that rhyme?). A quick approach is much slower in the sand and the sets are not always perfect, so you have to be ready to adjust. What that will do is all the water will drain to the center of each side of the court and then flow down the natural slope of the land. I borrowed my friends Skid Steer (I thought they were called Bobcats, but I was wrong) to do all this digging.
It took me two days to get the digging done (I had some bad luck with mother nature) The night after I dug the first side, we had a huge thunderstorm pass through.

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