Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Do you know why Bug and Note are shown as the same colour as TODO in comments even though they are defined to show different colours (as can be seen in your screenshot)? If it will help to someone, I found one more collision with the TODO thing in Visual Studio 2010. If your Visual Studio does not have the settings for ReSharper colors in the Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts And Colors you may be able to get them back by deleting the cache from the registry.
Backing up then deleting the entire cache folder fixed the issue for me so that next time I started VS 2013 I had the ReSharper color settings available. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged visual-studio resharper productivity-power-tools or ask your own question. With current Drupal 8 release status, what is the decision tree for creating a new Node-entity-type Content Type versus a new content entity type?
Are there Muggles who got away with finding out about the magical world "unpermitted"?
Do I have a chance to re-enable the column or to mimic the "user-unhandled" behaviour in a different way?

As it turns out, if you do not have "Enable Just My Code (Managed Only)" checked in the Debug options, the "User-Unhandled" column does not show in the "Exceptions" dialog.
Does anyone know how to change the default font in the Properties window in Visual Studio 2010?
I have a couple of custom user controls inside a WPF window dialog which can throw exception.
I've done MOSS 2007 development for some time, and am just starting to get my feet wet with SharePoint 2010. I am using a clean install of windows 7, with visual studio 2010(sp1) and biztalk 2010, and SQL Server 2008 R2(sp1). I get the following exception when I try to access a FormatCondition item from a FormatConditions collection. For Jqgrid in IE8, column resizing is not working when I bind a resize event to the window. I have a WPF application, and I'm running some animation in a different thread, so my main UI thread will be responsive. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction regarding an issue I am having with the message Error creating window handle.

I've dug through all the options I can find (all of the options in VS options including the new power tools options, and in the ReSharper options), and can't find it. But since their default color for "TODO" is red, not blue, it's probably not what is affecting you. This is superb for writing code but it seems the same font is also used in the Memory window during debugging. At this point, in the Locals window, certain rows have red text instead of black text in the Value column. That being said, in addition to Genius' reply above, there is a dedicated page on "Comments Formatting" in VSCommands here: Visual Studio 2010 Red Comments.

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