The Crain Deluxe Heat Gun provides adjustable heat up to 1000 degrees, as well as blowing cool air. The Gundlach Linoleum Truck allows you to move heavy linoleum rolls in the warehouse or on the job with ease. Heat Bond Iron: Seams in carpet are jointed together using a special iron and heat-activated tape. Floor Scraper: Consists of a 6”- 14” wide blade mounted on a handle, requires lots of elbow grease.
Reciprocating Saw Attachment: The Spyder Scraper from Simple Man Products is a 3” wide blade that attaches to a reciprocating saw to turn it into a high-speed scraper. Since most homeowners won’t use these tools on a regular basis, consider renting them from a tool rental center, rather than buying them.
You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. Idont have a comment but ineed to know whwere i can get a power stretcher machine, a knee kicker and a a hetbond iron, i am in carpeting industry in Zimbabwe . Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. Thank you for your time on the phone several mins ago, you were so helpful, customer service AAA+.

We make it easy to install seamless vinyl flooring by offering our extensive line of Floor Welding Tools.
Flooring tools provided to the flooring industry nationwide at wholesale pricing This are features 3" carpet seam tape.
The Vinyl Floor Welding Kits are used for the fitting of vinyl flooring such as safety floors in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Dental Surgeries, for a clean seamless weld.
In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. The automatic welder has an automatic drive start system, and an optical device to stop the machine at the wall and prevent burning the floor material. The performance, weight and balance of the Techspan Extruder, not to mention the build quality of the gun, out performs it's predecessor hands down.Gerard Richardson, I am writing you today for two reasons. Many other flooring tools are available please browse through our store, if you cant find what you are looking for we probably do have it, give us a call or send us a message. It is used by drawing the point over the surface of the vinyl to leave a slight scratch on its surface. We offer carpet seam tapes that will accomodate all carpet installations including residential carpet seam tape, pressure This are features 3" carpet seam tape.
We recommend the use of Dream Home Foam Underlayment.DID YOU KNOW?Our Clearance items are up to 70% off retail!Who would want to miss a deal like this?

Make your purchase through our web site, click here to find the store closest to you, or call 1-800-HARDWOOD to talk to one of our flooring experts.
Speed,  temperature, and airflow are infinitely adjustable via LCD screen, and an integrated, fully adjustable welding rod reel holder is included. First, I wanted to complement you on the You Tube video you or your company posted regarding plastic repairs and welding. Our large inventory of flooring tools Widely used for sheet vinyl seam work, rolling in resilient tile hot cuts and for floor and countertop coving work. The machined and polished steel rollers are 2 Widely used for sheet vinyl seam work, rolling in resilient tile hot cuts and for floor and countertop coving work. For cutting grooves prior to welding, the Techspan® Roton power grooving machine cuts welding grooves in all types of floor coverings. Second, I would like to request you or your company's permission to show it to some of our claims adjusters in a training setting from time to time.
The machine has 2 cutting speeds (14,800 and 18,500 rpm), easily changeable blade, and integrated dust extraction fan and dust bag.

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