Following the narrow corridor with wide window ledges, each one holding a scattering of items from a bronze cherub to a child’s shoe last, takes you to the side rooms each owned by a different dealer.
The leaded light windows of the large room to the side, filter this summer’s grey light, creating a dull shine on the silverware. The sloping oak stairs punctuate the shop in different places on each landing, adding to the warren like feeling and the sense that you might have missed something. We were delighted that youy enjoyed your visit to The Swan Antiques Centre & Restaurant so much that you wanted to share your experience. There isn’t much more there than the sleepy remains of what was a far more important stopping-off spot in the 15 t0 1800s.

Entering through the side door takes you straight into the cafe, a huge roaring fire, almost large enough to walk into, welcomes customers to comfortable sofas, coffee tables and miss-matched tables and chairs. Plated and silver cutlery, tied in bundles with string, is arranged in old canteens across the ledges and shelves in the room. It is typically English I suppose, I love it but Mr Glam isn’t keen on the whole silver polishing thing. It’s lovely to see so many traditional antiques, sadly they seemed to have lost their value. A sustaining cup of coffee and a slice from the cake selection, will see you through your searches for that special item you can’t resist.

Queen Elizabeth 1 is rumoured to have stayed the night in 1580s and Queen Victoria visited in 1832. Towels and tea towels carefully folded and tied with herringbone tape on french inspired chests of drawers. Gardening tools and vintage seed packets are tucked into a tiny room, certificates of ancient dreams of coming First in the local dahlia contest, decorate the walls.

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