You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The on board TurboTool is perfect for removing embedded dirt and pet hair from upholstery, stairs and other surfaces in your home. It features multi-cyclonic technology for powerful suction across both carpets and hard floors to ensure you achieve the best clean. The Vax Air Pet upright vacuum cleaner is really lightweight weighing only 4.9kg so you can easily carry it up and down stairs.

The Air Silence is a cylinder vacuum cleaner that is ultra quiet and compact, offering an ideal total home-cleaning solution.
Multi-cyclonic technology - Uses multi-cyclonic separation to trap dirt, dust and debris in the dust chamber ensuring reliable suction power and easy machine maintenance. It features multi-cyclonic technology for powerful suction and is ideal for homes with pets. It has a TurboTool for removing embedded pet hair, a cleaning wand and a crevice and dusting brush so you can complete a total home clean.

There are also numerous tools that enable above the floor cleaning, including a 3-in-1 crevice, dusting and upholstery tool to work in hard to reach places around the home. Despite being lightweight and compact, the Air Silence also comes equipped with a 2 litre dirt container which allows you to clean with less frequent emptying.

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