You describe the motivation for wanting to break this rule which is where the rule came from in the first place. I’ve got a modified extension cable for using my grinders (and any applicable power tool) that has an inline foot switch with a velcro tab that wraps around my boot.
I can guarantee your power tool can take off one of your fingers both before your foot comes off the switch, and it spins down. My dad’s fingers were saved by a pair of thin welding gloves when he got too close to a band saw blade. Ever had a table saw get pinched by a piece of hardwood and nearly have your throat cut by the saw blade? If you work with tools that spin really fast with a lot of inertia, and there’s any chance of something getting caught, probably better to go bare-handed or use gloves that can easily tear away (say, neoprene or latex). If two hands are kept on a grinder at all times, there shouldn’t be an issue with gloves getting caught in the tool. One other thing, the fiber reinforced wheels have been know to frag and kill or severely wound people. He said in the video that he has a bench grinder, it’s all about saving time by the looks of things. The timing of this post is impeccable, I’ve seen 2 news stories this week about mishaps with angle grinders and the utterly stupid things people did. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Brand new trolling motors can be kinda expensive these days so I found a video that shows you how to make your own trolling motor using an old angle grinder and a few other cheap materials.
It may be better to refer to it as a bench motor, as he uses both a grinding wheel and a wire brush while showing off his project.

The first is a piece of square tube that runs parallel to the body of the grinder on the side opposite the handle. It was my understanding if the cloth gets caught your hand gets mangled, while if it hits skin you get cut but you don’t get pulled in. That’s everything with saw blades and anything that has a slot with stuff turning in it. I think if you’re planning on getting close enough to the grinder with your hands that being pulled in is a risk then you should consider holding the work in something. If you regularly work with really sharp edges or very hot materials, it’s probably a good idea to wear calfskin or kangaroo leather gloves.
However, gloves are to not be worn for stationary equipment like lathes, mills, bandsaws, and bench grinders.
Its best to teach not to use gloves because the chances of people having the right ones is pretty slim. I’d rather not use a handheld grinder on the bench for the same reason I trust bolts more than a vise. Wood requires an open sandpaper like surface where the sawdust and resins take longer to accumulate.
What does Harbor Freight charge these days?), I have no idea why you’d do this, unless you want to loose some fingers. A british guy was having trouble with a tree stump in his garden, his chainsaw wasn’t playing ball, so he decided that putting a circular saw blade in an angle grinder, he attempted to cut the tree stump out with his contraption, it was the last bit of DIY he ever did, he got massive kickback and hit himself in the neck and severed his major arteries, his wife found him in a pool of blood in his back garden. You'll get a much better surface finish if you use it in a cutting motion rather than scraping. This doubles as a larger gripping area when using it as an angle grinder, as well as giving him something to clamp in his bench vise.

And in this case, since grinding tends to generate a lot of heat, holding a metal piece bare handed probably isn’t an option. It will grab your glove and pull the rest into the machine since it can’t cut through the cloth it pulls instead. No clothing, loose or tight should ever be permitted around a grinder or any rotating machinery, this applies to lathes, mills, drill presses, sanders.
The right gloves for grinding are tight fitting rigging gloves which are about as loose fitting as a spandex bodysuit on a fat person. My finger got caught between the disk and guard and then was spun out the far side – luckily in one piece! I guess if all you have is an angle grinder and you happen to have some metal stock and a welding setup on hand, this would be a good idea as a cost-saving measure. On another occasion a 9 inch grinder threw a short piece of 1 inch box which skimmed along the back of my hand slitting it. I hope the new site they are launching will give a little more consideration to the demonstrations in the videos they post because spreading bad and dangerous practices is really in irresponsible thing to do. Speaking of heat, you could avoid using such a wide paper under your collets around the grinder.. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. As regards the hack above, the hands look too close to the brush for comfort on such a short piece of box.Also if a grinding disk is used, the guard wouldn’t give any protection against a shattered disk.

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