The TS-1020WS work station table saw is the ultimate processing center for the small wood working shop.
It’s time for a short round-up of the most useful table saw reviews we have published in the magazine and on the blog.
For the purposes of this table saw reviews summary, I have not drawn a line in the sand between current models in production from the manufacturer and older models that are only available on the used market. The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) is a great choice, just one notch below industrial saws in size and power. Click here for Glen Huey’s review of the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw, as it appeared when first introduced to the market. Click here for Glen’s review of the SawStop Contractor Saw, included here even though it is not a fully enclosed hybrid table saw because the dust shroud makes it a comparable model. Click here for an older, but still quite useful review from David Thiel on the Powermatic PM2000, one of the great standbys in the large table saw range. Popular Woodworking Magazine¬†was one of the first groups to cover Steel City’s innovative granite beds.

It seems that any review of consumer products, whether it is for appliances, TVs, cars or woodworking equipment, leaves out important details. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Click Here To Register for Machine AlertsGet immediate email notification when new machines are listed! This will give you a sense of the key features to the PCS model, if this is the range you are considering. These days Dan is a former online editor for Popular Woodworking, and is learning new skills every day.
This latest addition to its stable of precision machines was designed specifically for the American market. Like all TeCo saws, the SF 30 bridge saw features a dual beam, oil bath and V-groove-slide design. Stay tuned to future posts for a round-up of smaller models, including the often overlooked benchtop table saws, and some information on European machines.

Having used it for almost a year now I still think it is the best cabinet grade saw on the market today.
This proven design provides precise cutting with no adjustments or wear parts for operator concern or adjustment.The cutting motor is a 220 volt, 3-phase, heavy-duty, 20-hp motor with the optimal 1,450 rpm. The maximum blade capacity is 20 inches, and the machine has a 12-inch rise and fall (z axis). The manual head tilt provides a full 90-degree travel to enable miter cuts, slotting and profiling. The heavy-duty turntable has positive mechanical locks at 45 and 90 degrees, and a brake to lock the table at any degree required.
The SF 30 is equipped with an automatic water valve, remote cable control and cut marking laser.

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