Plastic Film for maize growing, Ireland, micron pin-holed oxo-degradable film from Maizetech Ltd., Co.
There are many herbicides that can be used in conjunction with the growing of maize under film. Growing Maize Under Degradable Plastic Film The system for growing maize under film involves sowing maize corn seed, spraying a pre-emergence herbicide and laying a thin layer of degradable plastic film over the soil. Independent trials have shown the effectiveness of growing maize under film and the practice is now well established in Ireland particularly with hybrid seeds such as Justina and Benicia. How the maize grows under film When the film is first laid the pinholes allow trapped air under the film to escape so that the film is tight against the soil. During the first few weeks of plant growth the pinholes maintain a stable environment supporting maximum growth. Contact us to order you plastic film, herbicide sprays and other requirements for growing maize under film.
4 meter hydraulic folding,System disc, staggered wheels, levelling boards, front tyre packer, hydraulic driven fan, following harrow, pre-emergence markers. 6 Meter hydraulic lift and fold, radar, fenix metering, system disc, cleated tyre`s, following harrow, pre-emergence markers, wheel eradicators, levelling boards.
4 meter working width, hydraulic folding, cleated tyres, radar, following harrow, pre-emergence markers, system disc. 4 meter hydraulic folding, system disc, hydraulic driven fan, land wheel driven fenix metering, hydraulic adjustable levelling boards, following harrow, pre-emergence marker, very good coulters and drilling disc`s. Year 2000, 4 m working width,spring tine Duet coulters, Accord metering system, pto fan drive,hyd fold.

Year 2006, KE-403-170 power harrow, levelling board, rubber wedge packer, AD403-super box drill, 32 disc coulters, land wheel driven metering, following harrow, pre emerg markers, amalog + electric controls. Year 2002, Cirrus 4000-f disc drill, hydraulic levelling boards, large diameter packer wheels, 32 disc coulters, following harrow, pre-emergence markers, amados 111-s electric controls, amazone avant profi front tank, hydraulic driven fan, land wheel driven metering.
6 meter working width, hydraulic folding, pto driven fan, wheel driven metering, Suffolk coulters (good tips), following harrow, accord esc electronic controls, pre-emergence markers. 4 meter working width, front levelling board , 3 rows of spring tines, front mounted hopper, markers.
4 meter working width, manual fold out wings, pto driven fan, Suffolk coulters, accord FGS tramline control box. For more output and less fills, or for increased row numbers, all models can be supplied with the new FRU 104 front tank in up to 2,000 litre capacity. The new ED x000 comes with a choice of drive systems a€“ the ED Special takes the mechanical chain drive gearbox from the out-going model whereas the ED Super comes with hydraulic drive to the singling system allowing for change-on-the-move seed rates and in-cab seed rate control. The communication between in-cab terminal and the seeder can be either via ISOBUS or using the machine-specific AMASCAN+ control box if desired. ForA fertiliser application, the system can be also driven either mechanically or via electric-drive which again offers pushbutton calibration -A meaning a calibration can be done beside the machine without having to keep going back to the tractor cab, as well as rate changes from the tractor seat. New wheel track eradicators, three coulter options to suit different soil types andA new press roller options complete the line-up for the new models. Established in 1988 we have grown rapidly and provide a complete farm machinery service to farmers throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The process is made simple and quick to implement using the unique Samco drill, which features the X-Tend principle.

As the crops grow the pinholes enlarge allowing the plant easy access through the film while maintaining soil temperature.
The fertiliser hopper has been extended on the 4 row machines now up to 900 litres to match that of the folding 6 row 4500-2C. The hopper capacity of each sowing unit has also been increased by 25% up to 60 litres meaning again increased work rates. With ISOBUS then individual row shut-off, previously only available on the EDX precision drills, comes now across onto the whole ED range with theA automatic switching on and off of the sowing units then done via GPS-Switch or SectionControl.
The thin plastic film creates a microclimate for the maize seeds as they germinate and grow. In the first season 90% of the plastic will degrade with the plastic buried in the soil taking longer.
PLEASE CONSULT A SALES PROFESSIONAL TO ENSURE THAT WEBSITE INFORMATION IS CORRECT AND UP-TO-DATE. Many contractors are available with Samco drills, so farmers should have little difficulty in getting someone close at hand to lay the seed and film for them.
The film protects young seedlings from poor weather conditions and late frosts by increasing the ambient and ground temperature. This provides a cost effective method of delivering higher quality and higher yielding crops.

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