Living in a cozy little cabin nestled in the woods is part and parcel of the classic Thoreau-inspired lifestyle most folks dream of now and then.
This mini-zine was distributed to the elementary schoolers at the Des Plaines Central School PTO Bike Destruction Night. Clicking the image above should activate loading of a letter-size pdf that you can print out and fold up into a little booklet.

But the romantic vision of log-home life is shattered — for many people — by the sheer cost of such structures, which can be as high as that of equivalent conventional homes. My wife and I kept down the cash outlay for our “Walden” by gathering most of the materials from the land where our house was to stand, and then building it ourselves, using only hand tools. The aim was to help them learn the names of basic hand tools and briefly illustrate how to use them.

As a result, our small home cost us only about $100 to construct … and the project was so simple that we’re convinced anyone with access to a few basic implements and a good supply of timber could build a log cabin too.

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