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It boasts a 15 Amp motor running off 120 Volts, which is interesting as it appears to be the same motor that drives the next models up which are more expensive.Having said that, the Bosch CS5 circular saw is aimed at the more value-conscious user, whether professional or domestic user.
Now to those who haven’t yet appreciated the usefulness of this design, let me explain.
Apologies to all you left-handed guys out there first, but this is a right-handed feature!The saw blade of the cs5 is positioned on the left side of the power tool. This means that right-handed users will be placed to the left of the tool when holding it in the correct position and therefore you will have direct line of site of where the blade is cutting. Until you’ve tried this the other way round, you won’t appreciate how useful this is!
You can set the depth using the calibrated depth bracket set between the blade and the handle.

Check though that not more than one tooth length of the blade extends below the material you are cutting to ensure minimum splintering.Bevel adjustment is just as easy.
You can cut up to a 56° angle, but remember there will be a bigger blade surface area going through the material, so cutting may be harder.Finally, a word on using the line guide. For a normal 90° cut, you should use the left side of the notch as shown here in the diagram. Because saw blades vary in type and thickness, I strongly urge you to make a sample cut on a scrap piece of lumber to check the line of cut you’ll actually get.
And remember, face the good side of the lumber down to ensure minimum splintering.OK, lecture over.
In fact ICe went on to say “it is kind of noisy but hey, better to hear the power on this monster that to have a wimpy quiet one right?
This saw will rival your giant framing saw and save your arm due to it’s lower weight.

Too early to tell how all the adjustments perform and how the table holds up to pro use, but early signs look great! The latter point is a legitimate gripe really, particularly when you find that Bosch don’t supply one. It comes with 4 guides to accommodate almost all circular saws, is reversible and has detailed measuring scales accommodating lumber up to 10 inches from the edge.

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