These top mount trailer and pickup tool boxes can be mounted on top of pickup bed rails and flatbeds, or on any contractor's professional service vehicle. Our experienced sales staff are standing by to give you prices and answers to your questions. These are the same locks we use on our semi-truck underbody tool boxes and they are the toughest you can buy. This soon caught on to be a favorite among other pickup owners wanting better access to their cargo as well. Note: We try to keep a stock in all our products but if we are out, we usually are making them in short notice.
Note: We try to keep all our products in stock, but if we're out, we're usually making a fresh batch as we speak.
Pickup Truck; Semi Tool boxes, Cab guards, Pickup Headache Racks, bed slides, Truck Flatbeds, RV Truck Tow bodies, RV Hauler, RV Toter, Trailer and Flatbed underbody toolbox manufacturer since 1980. There are many brands which offer storage drawers for your truck or van,storage drawer helps to keep the track of your loose tools and parts while preserving floor space. The Pro Bins wheel well hump storage bin mounts above the wheel well in pickup truck beds and fits underneath most toppers, tonneaus, and roll up covers. The Reach E-Z allows you to arrange individual items and push them to the front making efficient use of your cargo space.
The Pro Bin allows you to store your guns, hunting gear, fishing rods, tackle, GPS, binoculars, power tools, tow ropes, rain gear, tie down straps, first aid kit, chains, bungee straps, jack, hats, boots, gloves, jackets, jumper cables, spare batteries, etc. Ever got irritated by the noise of the tools in the truck while driving? Well, here’s a way which not only helps you get rid of your irritation but also provides safety of your tools.
The most important aspect one needs to consider is the material used in making the truck bed tool boxes.Modern day tool boxes are made up of different materials which include toughened plastics, aluminum and iron among others.
The toolboxes provide the much needed extra space to store things, better accessibility of tools.

Purchasing the truck bed tool boxes is now very easy with the growth of e-commerce or the online shopping sites. They are built tough with top-opening doors on the sides with gas springs, pull-out drawers, and a t-handle locking system.
Use these boxes to make your pickup into a service vehicle without spending high dollars on utility service bodies.
Our locks, the heart of a tool box, are made with stainless steel and the same locks we use on our semi-truck underbody tool boxes. Our hinge, the back-bone of a tool box, is also stainless steel and the heaviest gauge you will see anywhere. Highway Products got it's unsurpassed reputation from building underbody tool boxes for semi-trucks back in the 1980's. You may want a combination of polished lids and black powder coat box to set your truck apart from the others. Their trailer over-hang would hit the higher profile cross boxes in a jack-knife turn, causing thousands in damage.
Having to climb in the back of your pickup every time you need access to your tools was a pain. Just in case , we apologize for this but, they're worth the wait and proudly made in the good old USA. The nice feature of the single lid saddle boxes is the large opening when you lift the lid. It provides easy access to cargo in a pickup truck on the job site, ball field or grocery parking lot. Get hold of one of the Truck Bed Tool Boxes. These not only help to create a storage space in your truck for the tools, but also make them more accessible.
This not only saves them from being stolen but also makes them available when we need them the most i.e.

Most of the companies feature their products on the internet and one can buy them on the click of a button. These boxes feature a fully concealed rain gutter and bulb-type automotive sealing door gasket.
Our shop guys came up with this armor shield one day when the punching machine punched a bump instead of a hole. Highway Products uses the highest quality Stainless Steel Torx™ screws that Do Not break or rattle apart.
Great for work and play, the Pro Bin's tough heavy duty polyethylene is virtually indestructible. Several tools are costly and hence one needs to keep them safely; Truck bed tool boxes offer the necessary safety by storing them under locks too. Most of them are fixed to the base of the truck using screws while the metal boxes are sometimes welded to the truck base to give it a better stability while moving. These tool boxes can accommodate an optional adjustable shelf with adjustable compartments. Nowadays there are several truck bed tool boxes which can be folded into a single piece and fixed as and when required.
Three drawers also feature adjustable compartments and provide easy access from the side of your truck or trailer.

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