Hammerhead Tool Box Combo Transfer Tank - SteelDee Zee Combo Tanks - The convenience of a utility chest and a liquid transfer tank. Having quick access to spare fuel is also nice, especially for smaller companies with just a couple pieces of equipment in the field.
Today’s selection of bed-mounted combo tanks provide double, triple or even quadruple the capacity of the truck’s fuel tank, with capacities ranging from 30 to 100 gallons. Those extra gallons of fuel in the bed of your pickup can provide a full day’s worth of work out of smaller equipment without wasted downtime making a fuel run. First I have to say the two side mounting tabs would have hit the sides of the truck where it rolls up and wouldn't have laid flat and would make mounting it a pita. Once the hose goes under the bed it connects to a fuel filter then a fuel pump and finally a solenoid valve. Now if I need to remove the tank I can unbolt it from in the bed and leave the frame attached never having to crawl under the truck again.

This stuff isn't as simple as tuning your TiVo to record your Jerry Springer re-runs while your out cruising Wal-mart parking lot for transexual hookers. Additional Information: This fuel tank is a 90 gal, it has a tool box combo tank set up, was used for an extra long range tank in haul truck, it sitting at an auto shop in Palos Hills IL.
Brian20-09-2010Response: my bid is $350 as far as my refernces just click on the bkelly00 in my bid. 21-09-2010Response: I am wating for the seller to call me and tell me if he is getting a load to Dallas or not, what route are you taking from MN or WIS, right? I used the kit but cut the gravity feed part off due to having the pump and 12 volt shut off valve.
I am in no hurry for this box to be hauled to Dallas area, either on I75 or I-35 coming into town, I can meet near state line to shorten trip with advance notice. I am hauling EMPTY trailer this week but have NO choice, from OK City to Centerville Iowa, then back to Dallas full, I can get a friend of mine in Iowa to go over and get this tank for me, i can just pick it up in Iowa later on, $350 is just too much to put into it, I want to keep it under $200.

Thanks anyhow20-09-2010Response: would you agree to let me hall it if i lower my bid to $200.
He is trying to get a load, he told me that if he could get a load he would have to list it on the manifest and his company would want some money for hauling it, so no matter what it will cost me to get it to Dallas, if you are heading through to Elpaso, you can cut right across the top ot Texas, My ranch is on I-75 NORTH, about 20 mins from OK, my home is in Lewisville that is right on I-35, north side of Dallas.
So we will see, I have to move it as cheap as possible you understand I am sure, Thank you for your offer. Brian21-09-2010Response: i will be going right by your ranch house to deliver some mototercycles.

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