We install two piers at each support location at the sameA price (or less) than others charge for one.A Engineers and customers agree, two piers are stronger and last longer than one.
Another company had repaired it just 2 years prior and already I was beginning to see cracks indicating their repair work was failing. A friend told me to call Dura-Tech.A  Dura-Tech suggested a different approach to treating the issue by installing 24 piers, 21 exterior and 2 interior, a major job.

It was extensive and involved carefully removing landscaping and carpeting to install double concrete piers.A  Dura-Tech completed the job in a week and took great care when removing in my landscaping, so as not to destroy it when the exterior piers were installed and care when removing and replacing carpeting to install the interior piers. They left my home as they had found it and completed the job in a minimum of time.A  It has been three years since the repair and not a single crack exists on any of my walls, window openings or door frames.

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