Anybody who owns a home and personally conducts their own renovation has a special tool in their arsenal, capable of being used in any number of situations: a drill.
A black and white drill, the FD02W has over 200 inch-pounds of torque in a very compact design that stands at 10.87 inches tall. This entry in Makita’s series of cordless drills offers an incredible battery life along with a four-position flashlight that allows illumination of the workplace. With built-in LED lights and two speeds for all kinds of hammering, drilling and driving settings, the LXT218 is ultra-compact as it is less than ten inches long. A white drill, the LCT314 is a great addition to any toolkit thanks to its 9-hour LED flashlight, 800 inch-pounds of torque and a rapidly recharging battery that gets home renovators back into the game after just a short half hour. Makita is well known for making compact drills that pack quite a punch, and the LXPH01Z is definitely no exception. While all Makita designs can generally be considered to be compact, the RD020DSEW is one that weighs in at a mere pound to avoid the operator becoming fatigued from using it, as well as promoting lightweight portability.
A well-balanced and compact drill from the revolutionary Makita, the BHP454 offers a strong foothold in the industry. Once again, Makita delivers quality without cramming technology into an overly bulky or burly drill, allowing even aging home renovators to feel comfortable carrying the drill without fear of dropping it from its weight. With this drill, Makita offers a great balance between a lightweight, portable device and a rugged drill that can power through every job without risk of falling short anywhere, capable of handling even industrial abuse on a daily basis.
Whether you are looking for a lightweight cordless drill, a cordless drill for drywall, or a heavy duty cordless drill for concrete or brick, Makita has something for everyone with this top 10 selection of best Makita cordless drills. This lighter weight cordless drill from Bosch has all the durability and performance of a heavier duty drill in a smaller package. This mini driver makes the perfect starter cordless drill for those just moving into their own home or apartment.
Bring the force of 600 pounds of torque to a demanding project with this lightweight creation from Bosch.
There is no better drill for completing small projects in enclosed and hard to reach areas.
This compact tool weighs a little over two pounds but has enough power to drill through wood and metal.
The Milwaukee 0730-22 is arguably the best all-around cordless circular saw on the market at this point.
The DCS391L1 is DeWalt’s brainchild for heavy-duty, professional-grade cutting and ripping. The Milwaukee 2630-20 is a real cutting machine, perfect as cordless saw for plywood or metal.
The DeWalt DC390B is an ideal must-have for those doing light professional work or heavy DIY home jobs. Those looking for an overall solid, medium-duty, lightweight cordless circular saw may be fitted well to the Kawasaki 840441. Getting a cordless drill makes it even easier to use and allows its user to carry it around from place to place with ease, making renovations in parts of the home even when there is currently no outlet to plug in the tool. The drill features an LED light to help illuminate the work area for maximum efficiency in any work space. A half-inch driver-drill, the LCT300W offers two speeds to help deliver 480 inch-pounds of torque to any project on a home. Though it can take a little bit longer than average to charge, this Makita drill packs a rather lengthy battery life to prevent home renovators from having to take breaks from their projects too frequently. Weighing in at only four pounds and eight inches in length, this hammer driver-drill delivers 480 inch-pounds of torque and runs between two variable speeds up to 1,500 RPM. The quarter-inch hex chuck is quickly ejected from its position, and the battery is remarkably energy saving as it lasts for over two and a half times the typical cycle, even with the built-in LED light illuminating the work area. A small switch quickly engages the different hammer, drill and driver modes, as opposed to the competitor’s drills that require turning a dial and taking up too much time that could otherwise be spent working on a home renovation project. Additionally, it comes with an LED light designed to illuminate the work area, staying on as long as the user needs it to rather than having it turn off after just a few short seconds.
With 450 inch-pounds of torque delivered through the eight inch, four pound drill, Makita definitely hit a good stride with this hammer driver-drill, making it a great purchase no matter what kind of project one will need it for. You can be assured that your DIY project will be finished in no time flat with this selection of great cordless drills by Makita.
Having advanced in their versatility they have become more convenient and efficient than the traditional tools. The versatility of this small tool is perfect for light household projects to heavy carpentry jobs. The one-half inch chuck allows for a greater versatility of bits and attachments, and the lithium-ion battery is light and long lasting.

The ultra lightweight drill can effortlessly handle quick home projects like hanging a picture or replacing knobs and handles. The powerful motor can keep up with the toughest usage, and the high torque brings force and precision to the job. The torque control feature offers the option of switching instantly from a higher torque to a lower one depending on the demands of the job.
The Bosch PS31 has an attached LED light to make working in a small, dark space easy and convenient. Convenient features like an LED light and a short head length make it perfect for getting into tight spaces.
The battery gauge helps to assess the remaining battery life so that project completions can be well planned. While not as small as some of the Bosch mini drills, the DDB180-02 is lightweight and very durable.
The high torque, fast drive time and long lasting battery combine to make a powerful tool that works for hours on end.
Many people see tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, drills, and tape-measures as the basics of any able handyman’s arsenal.
Unlike yesteryear though, cordless circular saws are rapidly becoming the standard; effectively providing an alternative to bulky, cord-hindered, older circular saws. Its power and endurance closely mock that of corded saws while its maneuverability, functions, and design make it as adaptable as ever. Mount the appropriate blade and cut through just about any building material with this high-powered, 18-volt, lithium-ion taskmaster. Makita is one company that has made a profound presence in the industry, offering several different drills for homeowners to pick from depending on their needs.
As the speeds and name suggests, this is the perfect drill for all kinds of drilling, hammering and driving situations for all kinds of projects. The difference in the modern cordless drills is brought by weight, warranty, its battery life and of course their speed. The cord free feature allows for the completion of projects outside or anywhere that an electrical supply is not available. The ergonomic design of the drill makes it super comfortable, and the lithium-ion battery has a fast charge time of 30 minutes.
The underlying metal frame means that this drill can take a few spills with no consequences. An ergonomically designed trigger handle is comfortable, and the placement allows the application of the maximum possible force behind the drill.
The lithium-ion battery holds a charge for several hours but only takes 30 minutes to recharge.
The small, lightweight body is perfect for elevated projects that require holding the drill in an overhead space. The lightweight carrying case makes this drill extremely portable and keeps all accessories nicely in place. The three-eighths inch chuck is well balanced to hold steady even when drilling extremely tough surfaces. We gathered information from all over so as to discern which of today’s cordless circular saws are winners and which are not.
It features lithium-ion slide-loading batteries, 50-degree bevel range, and a built-in focus-flashlight. Take comfort in the associated Kawasaki warranty and get to making all those cuts and rips.
The adjustable cut depth and bevel range provide good versatility while the machine’s size and shape make it comfortable and controllable for any user. Very few drills can be considered perfect for any kind of job, but the LXPH01Z may just be one of those, making this one of the top Makita cordless drills.
If you need to check for best cordless drill in the market, then below are the top ten Best Cordless Drill in 2015.#10. The durability and efficiency of this cordless drill make it a great choice for carpentry projects from scratch.
The 18-volt lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for up to several hours of heavy drilling. The outer shell is extremely durable and can take some light abuse and up to ten foot drops. The little size of the drill does not stop it from running for hours on end without recharging the battery. The 50-degree bevel adjustment and the very high quality magnesium shoe also make for a great feel of control and power.

Also noteworthy are it’s very cool on-board battery gauge and its lightweight, highly maneuverable design. And with the fan-cooled motor and replaceable service brushes, you can be sure to finish the job. For the safety minded worker, the electronic, quick-brake system prevents long periods of blade-spin after trigger release.
These ten cordless drills from Bosch cover a variety of project needs and make perfect gifts. The 1.5 Ah HC lithium batteries last even longer than the standard lithium-ion batteries ensuring there will always be enough charge to complete a project.
Enjoy fast-acting electronic brakes, a tactile comfort-grip, and adjustable bevel sway and blade depth. This makes seeing the cut area and the associated body physics of cutting much easier and safer. It has a brushless motor, which is absent from the rest, allowing to produce output all through your working time.#9. Its charger and battery combination enable it to charge fast taking up only 15-30 minutes to fully charge the device. Its light weight of about 2 pounds makes it efficient and compact to be used in tight places.
It has a dual speed setting allowing it to fit in tight space making it to deliver a solid performance.
It has a comfortable grip allowing it to be handled easily for longer hours without harming the hands. The lithium battery in it has a guarantee of lasting a longer time and doesn’t get harmed by overcharging it. Its relative small weight of about 4.0lbs allows you to drill for a longer period without tiring or experiencing joint pains. The motor has a capacity of 380 unit watts making it perfect for any wood, plastic or metal drilling. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To ensure easy and effective weed management, you need a superior quality weed eater that is powerful, energy efficient and convenient to use. With so many styles and models on the market, finding the best weed eater may be quite challenging.There are three main weed eater types on the market include the gas, electric and battery-powered units. In general, electric-powered ones tend to be lighter, easier to start and extremely quiet when in use.
With so many option among those best weed eaters on the market, the following product reviews can come in handy to help you purchase the best.
The unit features a highly convenient electric start mechanism and a pivoting head which allows for incredible trimming and edging capabilities.
It normally comes with a long-lasting lithium battery, which guarantees you long-term service.
Remington RM-2510 Rustler Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer Remington Rustler Curved Shaft Gas TrimmerThis is another top-quality budget-friendly weed eater with many unique feature that will impress any user. The product features a balanced curved shaft design, which makes weed cutting on different terrains to be extremely easy. Its dual bump head with the 0.095 inch line gives you greater control, while the Quick-Start technology allows for easier starting of the device. Moreover, its two-year warranty guarantees you long-term use without any fear of malfunctioning. Moreover, it uses the Power Drive transmission mechanism, which helps to prevent the device from bogging down.
Its height can be adjusted to suit your needs, while the pivoting handle makes it easier to operate it.
In addition, the design includes a powerful 6.5Amp motor, which can handle tougher weeds and grass.
Hitachi CG-18-DSDL Best Weed Eater Cordless Grass Trimmer Hitachi Best Weed Eater Grass Trimmer At the top of the best weed eaters on the market is this electric-powered weed eater from Hitachi.
It is one of the most Eco-friendly lawn tools on the market as there are no gassy fumes emitted when using it.

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