Hire our range of plumbing and pipework tools and equipment including Pipe Threading, Pipe Stands, Roll Groovers, Press Fit, Pressing Tongs, Cutting and Bevelling, Pipe Freezing, Machines & Pressure Test Equipment. Freezer kits that form ice plugs enabling repairs or alterations to be carried out, without the need for shut down or draining. Used to fill, test and pressurise all types of heating, sprinkler and water filled pipe systems.
Thank you for sending your callback request - a member of our team will respond to your enquiry. The management team of Tool-Cal has many years experience of providing quality hand tools and equipment to training schools for various vehicle manufactures and importers. The web site offers every item that a technician would desire in their tool kit, whether it is a spanner, diagnostic equipment or a tool cabinet. From hand tools and diamond blades through to trowel machines, drive units and grinding equipment. Here’s a list of baking equipment and tools that I use to turn out the best cookies, cakes and more! We will tailor this course specifically towards your company’s trade and train delegates on the safe use of the tools and equipment that they use in their work.

A I use this size for my peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies.Small Cookie Scoop This is my second favorite. A These are the best because you can look down into them as you pour!Magnetic Measuring Spoons You’ll never have to chain up your measuring spoons again!
A Genius!Heavy Duty Measuring Cups When it comes to measuring dry ingredients, I like my measuring cups to be sturdy. A It makes measuring sticky ingredients a breeze!Pastry Blender If you plan to make biscuits you’ll need a pastry blender.
A You can also use it for Ravioli, although I haven’t tried that yet.A  Solid Silicone Spatulas These are the absolute BEST! A They don’t have the top that comes off or fills with water or nastiness from cooking or washing. A I use this to add butter to the tops of bread and other goodies I bake.Cake Tester Yes, you can use a knife, but it leaves a mark. A I also have an antique wooden one, but I find it’s harder to clean so this one is my go-to rolling pin.Silicone Pie Mat If you plan to make pies, this tool is amazing! A It keeps the edges from getting too dark while making sure the cookie is cooked.Airbake 9×13 Pan This pan is the best for cakes and brownies!

A Again, the airbake system is amazing when it comes to baking.Doughnut Pan Frying doughnuts makes a mess.
A You can bake them in a pan like this and get the best cake doughnuts!Cooling Racks You need a good sturdy set of cooling racks. A I like this size because I can get an entire pan of cookies on one and let them cool while I bake another.Cupcake Pan Everyone loves cupcakes. A I also think it should bake well, and this is my favorite one to use.Texas Sheet Cake Pan If you plan on making a big batch of brownies or a texas sheet cake, make sure you have a pan like this one. A It has a wide lid which makes it easy to measure and the lid screws on to keep the flour fresh.Mixing Bowls I love these mixing bowls! A They are heavy duty and they have a gripped bottom which helps when mixing thick batter.Flour Scoop You need a good scoop for your flour.

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