Kitchen Utensils List And Their UsesKITCHEN UTENSILS LIST AND THEIR USES kids wear for girls online shopping, Start cooking utensils boiler a fullymar . 5 volunteer residents subsequently raised funds and incorporated the Surf City Volunteer Fire Company No. The original firehouse consisted only of what is now the main hall, kitchen and bathrooms of our present day building.
2 garage doors faced out towards Long Beach Boulevard, and a foldable wall separated the Engine room and the hall. The track for the foldable wall can still be seen in the present day hall, and the concrete pad on the North East side of the Firehouse still remains, showing where the 2 garage doors once were. This addition closed up numerous windows and the 2 east facing garage bays, and this created the present day Firehouse we know, with 4 garage bays, a membera€™s room, and a large hall.
In May of 1955 plans were made for a purchase of a new Engine, one being a state of the art, a€?Cadillaca€? fire engine of its day. In July 1955 we made payment of just over 19,500 dollars to Allentown Mack for a 1956 Mack Model B-85 triple combination pumper with 750 Gallon Per Minute (GPM) pump, and a 500 gallon water tank. This truck proudly serves the community to this day as a reserve engine, yet it is mostly used for parades and special community events.

This agreement continued until the early 1980a€™s when the Barnegat Light First Aid Squad moved its south operations to 2 bay garage that was donated to the town on 13th street. Noted in The Beachcomber newspaper was that this was combination pumper and heavy rescue truck, and was unique because it was on of the few pieces of heavy rescue equipment in Ocean County and being the only one in Southern Ocean County. The High Point Volunteer Fire Company of Harvey Cedars was the a€?housing companya€?, and they performed the honors of breaking champagne and a€?pusheda€? the new truck into the Firehouse, under the direction of Chief William Molineaux Jr.
The 1963 Mack was then sold shortly after the new trucka€™s arrival.Around the same time, a new 1984 Mack MK chassis was bought by the company, to create the companies first heavy rescue extrication truck. A 1960a€™s era body was purchased from West Long Branch Rescue Squad, and was mounted to the new chassis by the members, under the direction of Chief Emil Tum Suden, which successfully saved the company thousands of dollars.
This unit provided some of the first rescue extrication tools in Southern Ocean County, and mobile air cascade to most of Southern Ocean County.1990 came a year of great change to our organization.
After initial implications were made, the Borough of Surf City vetoed the creation of this new First Aid Squad, as they felt they were not financially able to fund the needs of a new organization. Agreements were then made for the Fire Company to take over the Emergency Medical Service needs of the Borough of Surf City.
2 Ambulances were purchased, and the group of former Barnegat Light EMTa€™s joined the fire company to provide the new EMS service, which continues to operate into present day.

This unit has been to all the major structure fires on Long Beach Island since its purchase and all the major forest fires as well. After much research, a 2003 International quad cab heavy duty truck chassis was purchased along a Knappmeade body as a replacement.
In order to save tens of thousands of dollars, the members of the company assembled the air cascade, hydraulic extrication units, and all other components all onto the truck under the direction of Chief Brian Fullerton. This unit came complete with all new firefighting tools, and a Compressed Air Foam System, one of the first in Ocean County.
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