One of the difficult jobs when repairing or restoring the steering box or steering idler on an Austin Healey 100 – MkIII is the removal of the steering levers.
Using this simple step by step process should prepare you for rebuilding the steering box or steering idler without damage. Once the washer is removed reinstall the nut and turn it down until the top of the shaft is level with the bottom of the castellation slots in the nut. These Pitman Arm Pullers are readily available at Harbor Freight,  Princess Auto and similar discount tool suppliers or on eBay for about $20. Again … The 6 cylinder component is slightly larger and will require a little more grinding on the jaws of the puller. Tightening the forcing screw will exert the necessary pressure to release the steering lever.  I take it in small increments and check that the castellated nut still turns freely on the shaft between tightenings. I have had cases where the lever was forced so tightly on the taper that the end of the shaft started to crush down on the split pin holes before the lever pulled off.  If you find that the castellated nut is starting to bind on the threads before the lever is released this could be happening. Met my dear wife Judy not long after arriving in Ontario and we have been happily married since 1976. After travelling around New Zealand and the pacific in 1979 I started Precision Sportscar andfor the next 23 years grew the business and helped raise 2 boys Drew and Robin.

This entry was posted in Healey Stuff, Restoration Techniques, The Restoration of Healey #174, Used Parts. So, instead of removing the cotter pin, use a air impact gun to remove the nut and that will shear the cotter pin, leaving part of the cotter pin in the hole. Fitting the puller into position may be difficult but if you can get it properly installed I can see no reason why it would not work. If you cannot get the tool into position correctly quite a bit of work could be saved by removing the 3 mounting bolts, loosening the clamp at the top of the column and then rotating the column sufficiently to provide room.
In the Healey worship manual they talk about the shims at the bottom, these are available, will the shims take the play out.
We live in Canada, about 7 years ago we toured the south of NZ and met several of the Healey owners, it was a great trip.
I just removed the steering arm on the car with a Harbor Freight puller using a shorter bolt. Hi Fantastic photo’s also excellent advice to get into the steering box and sort out the oil seal. Currently I’m in New Zealand and I just cannot remember if the peg on the very early boxes can be rotated.

These levers are fitted on to a tapered spline and without the correct tool can be very hard to release without damaging the steering box, steering box lid or shaft. Try pressing a short piece of tightly fitting steel rod through the split pin hole and start over again. Went to Maori Hill Primary School then Kaikorai Valley High before joining the RNZAF and an Airman Cadet in 1968. You need to eliminate any end float to get the minimum free play however you will never get a result as good as a modern rack and pinion system. The piece of rod will prevent the end of the shaft from collapsing down on the split pin hole although you may have to use a pin punch to remove the piece of rod once you are done and possibly have to dress up the threads a little.
The old oil seal pops out with a screw driver after you remove to top of the steering box and lift the shaft out of the way.

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