The large tool store provides a large amount of storage space to keep your garden tidy, store all your garden tools and accessories. The larger tool stores have double opening doors allowing easy access to all your stored items.
As with all of the Tate fencing timber buildings and storage solutions, this is built to the highest standard and fully tanalised.
See our wide selection of products available for shipment within 48 hours with GSA pricing! Lista products provide the durability, accessibility and space savings needed across a broad range of storage and supply setting. Foam FOD drawer liners in Lista cabinet drawers are perfect for safe and secure storage of hand tools.
Keeping documentation, technical orders and job guides easily accessible and yet safely secured is no problem for Lista storage solutions. Lista computer cabinets, with optional mobile bases, allow computers to be kept in an enclosure, protected from grime, wind-blown dust and other environmental debris.

Lista counter-height cabinets with butcher block or stainless steel counter tops maximize usable storage and workspace, while improving item retrieval and delivery, and inventory control. Drawer storage cabinets and shelf cabinets (especially when stacked over one another) allow convenient storage of both large and small items together. Lista's shadowed foam drawer insert liners make empty compartments easy to spot, and protect tools or inventory from movement and contact with other objects in the drawer. A wide range of cabinet styles gives you the exact type of storage your issue counter demands. Lista's roll-out trays allow easy access to the very back of shelves for maximum storage density and ergonomic ease. Lista's Storage Wall® system accommodates storage on either fixed shelves or roll-out trays for added versatility.
Whether with foam FOD drawer inserts or a mesh drawer mat, hand tools are safely stored in Lista drawers.
Drawer handles are flush with the cabinet housing, so when the drawers are closed, nothing protrudes from the housing to snag clothing or uniforms.

The liner uses a 2-layer insert system: the upper blue foam liner cushions and protects tools and components in perfectly-shaped cut-outs, while the bottom yellow foam liner makes it easy to spot missing items.
Paired with stacked shelf units, frequently-accessed materials can also be stored on open shelves. For storage-on-the-go, Lista cabinets and shelf solutions can be mobile, so TO's and JG's can be moved directly to the point of use.
Each liner can be customized to hold the specific tools stored in the storage cabinet drawer.

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