Store-Safe’s range of tool boxes, site boxes, cabinets and stores offer greater security for valuable equipment such as tools, fittings & fixtures and valuable assets in the workplace, on a building site and in factory surrounds. Our cabinets are solid, reliable, high security cabinets for the safe storage of expensive office items or at home in the workshop or storage area. Store-Safe purpose built safe custody storage building put you back in control of your materials. These safe custody storage boxes are designed to stop the theft of tools and equipment either on-site or when travelling from job to job. These safe custody storage magazines are designed to stop the theft of Class 1 Explosives either on-site or when travelling from job to job.
Secure gas cylinder storage cage with draw bridge ramp allowing easy access is suitable for building sites, factories and mines.

For your own sake, do not be fooled by toolboxes, site boxes and containers that do not comply to a set Australian Standard.
The depth, width and height of the cabinets will allow for the storage of many valuable items, previously too large to be safely secured. Flat soft bristles give a smooth finish and the acrylic handle with a flat end enables you to use it as a burnishing tool during the process. The lid when closed is anchored in place by internal heavy duty hinges and high tensile steel locking rods. Allowing the roof to open will greatly reduce the possibility of an accident or even back strain by not having to bend down to retrieve a bottle. Fitted with 4 crane lifting eye's and forklift pockets the cage can also be moved by a pallet jack.

The lockable door with protective roof and mesh sides ensures cylinder security with maximum ventilation.
A two position load binder belt prevents cylinder movement and allows odd or mixed size bottles to be secured safely in the correct upright storage position. All our boxes can be firmly fixed in place by using the bolt holes in the base of the boxes.
This LPG storage cage has been reviewed by members of the AIDGC for compliance to Australian Standards AS4332-2004.

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