South East Eye Specialists and Eye$avers are the premier optometric and optical practices in Tallahassee, Florida, and the surrounding counties in North Florida and South Georgia.
We are grateful to our many loyal patients for allowing us to meet their eye care needs for over 55 years!
Did you know that there are over 150 diseases in the body that can be detected by a simple eye exam? The American Optometric Association recommends that most people have a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years depending on age and health. If you are in a higher risk category for eye disease or complications, your eye doctor may recommend more frequent exams. You might not wanna get the "deep box" it hits a lil hump (not the wheel well) in the bed slightly.

With 7 locations to serve you, we provide the largest geographical coverage of any optometric group in the area.
Our Lafayette Street location in Tallahassee, which is located inside The Hour Glass, is open seven days a week, for your convenience. Since many diseases of the eye do not demonstrate early significant symptoms, an annual exam is one of the most important diagnostic and preventative measures you can take to protect your vision and your overall health.
Also, if you notice a change in your vision or receive an injury to your eye, you should contact your eye care professional immediately. I have the standard, not deepwell box and I got it for $306.00 installed at SuperTruck Accessories here in my area. Two of our locations are conveniently located inside The Hour Glass, an optical store that was voted Best of Tallahassee for eight straight years.

With 10 optometric physicians waiting to serve you, we can provide for all of your eye care needs. Among the services we provide are comprehensive eye exams, contact lens evaluations, and medical testing, as well as the sale of frames, lenses, and contact lenses. Full featured assortment of pressure washers, hot water power washers and pressure cleaners.

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