We at TNT Tooling offer a very diverse range of services with all the necessary tools equipment and employee experiences to provide for our customers in a thorough, accurate and timely manner to assure the highest quality for complete customer satisfaction.
The TREAD Act states; All vehicles manufatured after September 1st 2007 and offered for sale in the United States of America must have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The team at the Martin Tire Company on Talbot Avenue serviced my DTS Cadillac professionally, timely, and the prices for the new Michelin tires were excellent. Martin Tire Company is the largest wheel and tire distributor in the El Paso, TX and Southwest area with approximately 6,000 custom wheels and 30,000 tires in stock from brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and more.
Our versatility makes us one of the most capable machine shops, not just in the Southwest, but nationally as well.

This mechanic also checked the tires for us, and not only were they all dangerously low, but all of the lug nuts were loose.
Our auto repair department specializes in Wheel Alignments, Cooling Systems, Oil Change, and more.
I am so upset, I am thinking about turning you in to the BBB, among other formal complaints.
Once the job was done he called us to inform us that it wasn't the struts making the car squeak it is in fact the control arms.
Needless to say what was going to save us money ended up costing us more as we didn't need to buy the struts at all !!

I just wonder if you would have done the job with the same results if we would have had to pay to have the control arms done as well?

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