Todaya€™s Birmingham court reporters can be the important link between todaya€™s legal professionals and new technology that can change the way they approach cases. With more attorneys taking on the challenges of cases that can require travel, Alabama court reporters are prepared to help meet the needs of attorneys working on the most complex cases.
Videoconferencing is an important tool that can be used to bring legal teams together, but it can also be used to change the way depositions are conducted.
There are also other tools that are available including online repositories to store audio and video files as well as photos, graphics, and documents.

A Through the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), lawyers anywhere in the country can schedule depositions and other services with this talented group of professionals, meaning that these law firms can expand their reach and work anywhere.
With a variety of tools that can help create efficiency and save money, todaya€™s court reporting firms can help change the way attorneys work. Use these broadcast-quality connections to evaluate the truthfulness of a deponent through audio and video while also getting the immediacy of real time reporting. Lawyers can also find equipped conference room facilities that can be the perfect venue for depositions or a place where lawyers can work collaboratively with the rest of their legal team over an internet connection.

They can take advantage of conference rooms, technology, and the most experienced court reporting professionals anywhere.

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