A self-described artist, designer and entrepreneur, Toofly is best-known for her signature character that has made its way onto walls across the globe, as well as onto a range of fashion items. When I first started learning about different artists, I was drawn to Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline. I have always favored graffiti writers from my neighborhood in Corona back in the 90′s because their work on the street got me inspired to dive into this culture. Could it be that Marty McFly’s DeLorean has come back from the future and landed on the streets of New York City? The DeLorean images act as a promotional tool for Nooka, linking Back to the Future to the brand’s “futuristic philosophy”.
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We’ve recently seen her in Williamsburg, at Welling Court, at 5Pointz and even on a Lower East Side rooftop. I was highly influenced at the time by a graffiti writer named Sabe, and I thought it was fun and rebellious to tag on walls. The computer skills that I learned made it possible for me to earn a living as a graphic designer. Designer Mike Lubrano recently reimagined the DeLorean as another iconic ride – a yellow NYC taxi cab. Although just a concept, the vehicle seems to have all the trimmings and imagined flux capacitor internals of the original DeLorean from the science fiction classic. I first started getting up around my neighborhood in Corona, Queens where I met various graffiti writers.

I do remember getting chased by dogs and jumping over fences and cutting my hand once because an alarm went off. I attended the School of Visual Arts and studied cartooning, illustration and computer art. Though just a concept vehicle, the DeLorean taxi cab was a convincing and eye-catching part of an advertising campaign for New York-based brand Nooka.

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