Baier has a range of tools suitable for the most demanding requirements - high-quality and technically sophisticated power tools for trade and industry. Tallares Casals was established in the year 1881 by Francesc Casals i Fransoy, in Ripoll, a Spanish Village in the province of Gerona. Nu Air has grown within ABAC Group, an entirely independent international group strengthened by the consolidated experience and the leadership of a family that has been completely dedicated to compressed air for two generations. From introducing the first plunge router into the UK in the 1950's to supplying developing countries with the technology to create prosperity in 2001, Trend have truly pushed the boundaries of routing technology. Casa Natura health food shop opened its doors in Malta in 1990, in the heart of Sliema on High Street, 50 metres past the Tower Supermarket and the Car Park. Casa Natura opened its doors in Malta in 1990, in the heart of Sliema on High Street, 50 metres past the Tower Supermarket and the Car Park. Having grown up in New Zealand with all the fresh air and abundant natural foods, when I arrived in Malta in 1982, a combination of the dust and pollution caused me to end up with allergies and eventually bronchial asthma.

I began to study about herbs and nutrition and talked with Homeopaths, Chiropractors and Nutritionists and eventually changed my diet, my way of thinking and with the support of some herbal remedies, I solved my problem. Together with my business partner, Francis Cassar, who had been importing Korean Ginseng, since the 1970s, we launched Casa Natura and began to import Health Foods, Books, Music, Herbal and Vitamin supplements from the UK, USA and Korea. We started in a small shop, but then eventually moved across the street into our present premises on the corner of Ghar il-Lenbi and High Street. Along with their subsidiaries in Denmark, France and Italy, they now distribute their tools world-wide. More than 125 years of experience has lent Casals its well earned fame as a manufacturer of electrical tools that are robust, powerful and most importantly, reliable. Know-how, quality, creativity, flexible manufacturing processes, integrated marketing activities and a "tailored" customer service, are the strength points of Nu Air.
High quality fine power tools for model makers, instrument mechanics, form makers, tool makers, opticians, jewellers and more.

They have built a reputation of outstanding service in sales, technical advice and logistics over the years and this will never be compromised. In the course of our 50-year history, their methods and technologies have been repeatedly adapted to the latest demands of a changing market. I had to carry a ventolin inhaler wherever I went and if I caught a cold it would morph into Bronchitus and I would end up in hospital on oxygen and a ventolin drip. The company was located in St John's Street corner of Royal Street (now known as Republic Street), Valletta - Malta.

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