KamBlog: Forgotten Underground Edwardian shopping arcade in West Yorkshire as traffic builder? During renovation of the Royal Arcade in Keighley in 2003, a lower level of Edwardian shops was found underground during the clearance of the basement area. The original Royal Arcade was built in 1901, the year Queen Victoria died and Edward VII came to the throne. Now Nick Holroyd, manager of the Royal Arcade, which is situated above the discovery, is investigating whether the street - once at ground level - can be restored. Given that many high streets have long histories, perhaps there is scope for incorporating a high street’s origins into plans to revitalise town centre shopping areas, and possibly capitalise on the consumer’s current retro-appetite? How about an interactive 2.5hr update session for the team covering today’s blog-post and other trade issues of your choice, action-tailored to your categories, customers and competitors?
Shoppers may soon be able to walk through a secret Victorian shopping street after it was revealed the maze could be reopened for business. Much of the Victorian building work on the cellars of seven shops was still intact, while wooden shop-fronts and stable pens were in place.Constructors also found doors, signs and fittings from some of the original shops in the street, which was then owned by Frank Booth and Mark Holroyd. The pair could not allow people into the street due to health and safety concerns - or secure funding to create a permanent visitor attraction.

Now Nick Holroyd, manager of the Royal Arcade, is investigating whether the street - once at ground level - can be restored.He has enlisted an architect and structural engineer - and plans are being made to develop the street, which has space for up to eight units.
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The cavern of former shops and stables were uncovered under the Royal Arcade - a two-storey complex of stores and flats in Keighley, West Yorkshire. But after the Holroyd family bought out Mr Brook, they have begun developing the arcade through an internet presence and events.

From small cracks and chips to larger dents or stains, we have the tools and expertise to repair anything that compromises either the look or the performance of the component in question.
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Last used in the 1890s, it was found after builders smashed their way through while converting the arcade in 2002 - but has not yet been redeveloped. In recent years there have been tour groups taken down to the street, which has been wired upA  - and some items from the post-1890s have been added. UPVC as a material can be supplied in a huge range of colours – Window Shop can match the colour exactly and restore the component to its former glory quickly and without having to replace it.
We can even restore UPVC woodgrain effect to make it indistinguishable from the real thing.
Wea€™ll utilise whata€™s in there.a€™Other ideas being considered include creating a visitor attraction or converting the old shops for use by craftsmen and specialist traders.

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