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Now that your restaurant is established, and systems have been put in place to ensure quality and consistency, you need a way to periodically check that the high standards you've instituted are maintained.
PG&E has added another tool in its toolbox as it continues its progress to improve the safety and reliability of its gas system. Crews can monitor the progress of the untethered robotic inspection device as it travels through the pipeline. In recent testimony to Congress, PG&E Senior Vice President of Gas Transmission Operations Jesus Soto Jr. The battery-powered robot can travel through a gas pipeline to identify defects in pipe walls.

PG&E also is using a handheld laser scanner device called the EXAscan that measures corrosion and mechanical damage. The Pipetel Explorer was recently deployed for the first time in PG&E’s system on a 12-inch transmission pipeline near Brentwood. As Soto told Congress, PG&E’s goal is to have the safest gas system in the nation, and new tools are helping to make that happen.
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The Multi-Unit Inspection Checklist is an excellent toolA  to ensure that your operation is running the way you expect. This device can successfully identify, size, and pinpoint dents, metal loss and other potential issues. This includes the Picarro Surveyor, a mobile leak-detection device that is 1000 times more sensitive than traditional equipment.

Jan 19Four Keys to Making Electric Vehicles an Easier SellLast year in California, plug-in electric vehicles made up about 3 percent of new car sales.
This form can be used by owners or multi-unit managers to periodically evaluate how well their managers operate the restaurant. The information that comes from its two cameras and magnetic sensors can be used to confirm the integrity of the pipeline and to let PG&E know if repairs need to be made.
Should you be using an older version of Office you will require to download the FREE Microsoft conversion tool to access these files. This two-part tool includes scorecards and guidelines for evaluating performance or compliance.

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