If you’ve been patiently waiting to acquire a Forster Co-Ax® reloading press, now’s the time to strike. This 27″-wide Roller Tool Cabinet makes a nice addition to any loading room or workspace. For the next four (4) days, Harbor Freight is offering some very attractive Coupon Specials. Along with the 20% off coupon, Harbor Freight is offering some handy items for FREE with any purchase. If you need a general purpose bench with drawers, Harbor Freight has a great deal right now on a metal-framed, lighted utility bench. Along with the well-known vendors of shooting supplies, readers can find some great deals on general equipment for their reloading centers. Some High Power shooters on the Forum asked about carts for carrying their gear to the range.
Run the plastic side panels up high enough that stuff like hats and muffs don’t fall out. The hardest component to find may be the hard rubber blocks for the barrel keeper, but you can also make a barrel-holding block out of wood, with some carpet to protect the barrels. For the next few days, Harbor Freight is selling an 11-drawer rolling tool cabinet for just $169.99 with CODE 71638506. Here’s a one-day only Harbor Freight special sale on a 33-lb safe with electronic keypad.
Snap-on’s All Weather Mobile Tool Chest is designed to provide convenient, secure, versatile and watertight storage for tools that must be moved readily. A 22-inch wheelbase provides added stability, while solid rubber wheels help absorb the shock of rough surfaces. The Distributor of the Year award stands as the independent aftermarket’s most respected and highest honor.
Truck Parts & Service's Aftermarket Buyers' Guide & Directory offers a comprehensive, one-stop resource for finding components and suppliers.
My wife and I visited our local Lowes home improvement store, looking for a new ceiling fan. I promptly left my wife to look for ceiling fans alone and proceeded to check out this really cool tool box with this guy I never met before. I think this box is brilliant, I understand there is some down sides but there is nothing without down sides, so if you were gonna buy a big box of this size or just starting out in the trade, this may not be a bad purchase. His buddy that went to look at it with him said that drawers were built good enough that he felt he could stand on then and not have them faulter. For the weekend garage junkie, this box has all the goodies that will keep your buddies drooling! This Editor owns this very same Leupold 8.5-25x50mm VX-3 scope and I paid about a grand for it many years ago. Grab a free LED flashlight for your range bag, or pick up a free power strip for your loading bench. Big and small retailers nationwide will be offering some very attractively-priced sale items. You can certainly purchase a factory-made, purpose-built cart that folds up and has all the bells and whistles.

But it’s easy to add plastic side-panels on the bottom unit, and fit a barrel-holding system on the cross-tube. After transport you can transfer ammo boxes and small items to the upper box (attached to the back side of the cross-tube).
The nice thing about the rubber is that it can be cut to snap over the barrels so you don’t need straps. It certainly does NOT have the quality of a Snap-On Roll Cart tool chest, but you could pay nearly $1400.00 for a Snap-On rolling cabinet.
The tool chest comes in four colors – black, olive, tan or orange – and two configurations: two two-inch drawers plus six one-inch drawers, or three two-inch drawers plus four one-inch drawers. While looking up at the ceiling fans, I walked around the end of the aisle in-between a guy and this tool box. In case anyone at Waterloo is reading this and may be planning to produce a box similar to this, I have one suggestion. I would recommend designing the refrigerator so that it can be locked easily with the rest of the drawers. As far as the disappearing lunch…I worked with someone that told a story about this problem. They are just built right, from the double ball bearing drawer slides to the thick gauge steel as well as the double wall design to keep the box rigid. A month ago we saw this toolbox at Lowes and he loved the the refrigerator as well as the ability to listen to music. For best results please provide relevant details like your vehicle's year, make, model, engine size, the problem and when it occurs etc. Here are some of the best deals on hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories.
Mount the rubber block to the cross piece with self-tapping screws, or drill a horizontal channel in the rubber so the whole block fits over the cross-tube. Likewise, you can drill a hole transversely through the rubber, then slot it from the bottom and it will slide over the horizontal tubing with no fasteners needed. Even a Craftsman mobile tool chest (of similar capacity) could easily set you back $700.00 or more.
There would be nothing worse than coming in to work on Monday morning to find out your fridge was raided!
No matter if you are talking about tools or electronics, if it is cool it will get much word of mouth advertising. First off, the reason that these toolboxes are so expensive is not only the brand but, you are also buying an investment that will deliver day in, day out. Too bad you can’t keep a few cold beers in the fridge since it will be at work instead of your home garage!
Please don't ask for repair manual info like torque specs, wiring diagrams and specific repair procedures. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. That’s right, for under $150 you can get a reliable, self-feeding rimfire rifle that will provide years of fun for a young shooter.
Now through the end of February, this rolling cabinet is on SALE for just $159.99 with Super Coupon #74449393.
However, it CAN serve many functions in your loading room, such as holding gun-cleaning cradles, vibratory tumblers, annealing machines, and general reloading gear.

Now through April 30, 2014, Harbor Freight is offering six products, absolutely free (with coupon).
On the lowest leading edge of the welding cart box (at ground level, front), fit a block of wood 2″ high (you can also fabricate metal extensions).
The money you save on a range cart could pay for a new Krieger or Bartlein barrel, AND some new brass. Yeah, I’ve seen the little Craftsman mini refrigerator disguised as a tool box at Sears, but that is nothing compared to this tool box.
Again, for the weekend wrench slinger, a box like the one mentioned on this page should be fun and functional. The more I keep reading regarding this toolbox the more I hear people say it is cool and others say quality is poor.
Consider that, if you made your own cart from scratch you could easily pay $30.00 or more just for the large-diameter wheels and axle. This will make the cart lean back a little more, which helps stabilize the contents on sloping terrain. Those things (new barrel and brass) will likely improve your scores more than having a fancy $500.00 range cart.
My co-worker decided to add a little mayonaise substitute to his next left over sandwich half. Just as long as it will not see the wear and tear that would be normally seen in a repair shop or dealership.
DO you know of a good quality toolbox like this one that has the capability of music as well as refrigerator? Receivers are dovetailed for standard rimfire rings and are also drilled and tapped to allow mounting of Weaver-style bases. And there is a full width shelf on the bottom which is good for holding shipping boxes and other items that are bulky (but not too heavy).
These sale prices are good for three (3) days: Friday November 23 through Sunday, November 25th. NOTE: You should pick this up at a Harbor Freight store, as the Roller Cabinet weighs 151 lbs.
If ordering online, as soon as you receive the safe, make sure the backup keys fit the lock. Click the following to view Dennis' "about page" for info on his background in automotive repair. Sure, tools help to complete jobs easier and faster, but a box is just to help keep the guy’s you work with in the shop honest. NOTE: Before you print out these coupons, click the images below to display the 100% scale version.
The coupons below have been downsized to fit our Daily Bulletin — this may make the bar codes harder to scan.

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