When I organize any area of my home, I take my handy-dandy organizing tool box with me so I don’t have to run around the house to find certain items. Tape Measure – I use it for measuring spaces before I buy a new piece of furniture or rearrange existing furniture in a room. Label maker and different size cartridges for my label maker – I have different size cartridges from 9 mm to 24 mm. One more tip:  If you are like me and you organize every season or so, keep some unused bins in a basement closet to repurpose when working on other organizing projects. This entry was posted in DIY Projects, Organizing and tagged Home Organizing tips, Tips, Tools. Privacy Statement and Opt-Out OptionTo better serve our visitors, our site collects visitors' activities on our site. I love an organized house and have been wanting to organize my tool box so I can at least find the supplies that I do have. So when I saw these see-through, divided containers at Target for only $1 each, I took that as a sign and bought three.
While Don and Landon were gone for a while today, I pulled out our tool box and dumped everything on the kitchen table. I put all of the tools back into the plastic bin and then divided up the small hardware items like washers and screws in those little boxes.

Hi Crissy, this is only my little toolbox in the house, we tackle my husband’s garage full of tools and supplies about once a year. She offers affordable advertising rates and also works as brand ambassador, Twitter party host, social media consultant, and editor. I blog about decorating our Blue Cottage with thrifty & vintage cottage and farmhouse finds, plus interior design, easy DIY, green and frugal living, organic food, attachment parenting, and more. I love to find vintage treasures at flea markets and thrift stores, and I sells many in my Etsy store.
DEG Laser provides customized tool box organization capability for industrial and commercial applications.
DEG Laser can provide this tool box organization service for only one drawer to a complete turnkey delivery where we supply the toolbox and required tools as well as the custom cutout drawer inserts and labeling. Klein Tools recently expanded its Tradesman Pro product line to include four new storage solutions, including two that are hacksaw-proof. Lauren joined Hanley Wood in 2006 with a focus on bringing trends and new products information to professionals in the residential construction industry. Organizing Sunday, I am going to share with you how to create your own organizing tool box to reduce on the distractions when organizing an area. My husband built me a wooden tool box that looks like a small treasure chest – I have most of the items you list in there except the packing tape, the label maker, and the t-square.

I'm passionate about being a mom, thrifty home decorating, DIY projects, green living, and attachment parenting. With 48 pockets, this bag offers maximum tool storage including a top-loading pocket intended to fit a standard 16.5-inch hacksaw.
This accessory has the same protective features as the Hacksaw Electriciana€™s Bag but features a quick link that secures to tool bags, carts, ladders, and more.
Top features for this new product are an exclusive drill bit pocket and a tape measure holder that lets the wearer use the tape measure without removing it from the belt.
When she's not in the office, Lauren travels to industry trade shows nationwide to check out those trends and products first-hand. Ita€™s load-tested up to 200 pounds, and the reinforced metal frame stays open for easy loading and unloading. The tools themselves can also be engraved with the tool box identification, shift assignment etc.

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